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If you have been watching YouTube since the dawn of its time as I have, you are probably familiar with the social media persona, Trisha Paytas. They have collaborated with dozens of YouTubers such as Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, David Dobrik and many more. Almost all of the people I have listed have been canceled and become to be seen as problematic. While Trisha still amasses thousands of views, much like these other content creators, they are still problematic. Below I would like to highlight all the controversies Trisha has had in the past:

Trisha has Stated that They are Transgender (Female to Male)

While they fall under the trans umbrella being that they are non-binary, this contradicts their previous claim that they are female to male. The social media star stated in their video that they have felt like, “a gay man.” In addition, they noted that they like dressing up as a man and do not like wearing make-up. While all of these feelings are rational, it seemed like they just wanted to create drama to generate more views in order to make their gender identity profitable. Furthermore, I think that this rhetoric invalidates the experiences that female to male transgender individuals face, which is inherently problematic.

Trisha is Guilty of Multiple Micro-Aggressions

In the podcast listed above, Trisha has stated that they are xenophobic and that they fear foreigners. Even though, their husband is from Israel. They have also stated that they view individuals with accents and people that speak different languages as toys. Furthermore, in another video of theirs, they mocked a woman’s accent. Moreover, they often assume that people with accents have difficulty understanding English. In addition, they stated that they have a fear that men, specifically Hispanic and Black men, will kill them. They also have stated that they are disgusted by native Spanish speakers and will shame them by calling a Spanish-speaking fan, “a creep.” They have also admitted to loving having “tokens,” around them, which are individuals of different races. Trisha has also created caricatures of different races and mocked them, such as Japanese and Native Americans. In addition, they have been accused of Blackfishing and stated that they would lie about being Black if they could get away with it. To top that all off she called Hamilton racist because they only had people of color in their cast.

Trisha has been Wildly Anti-Semitic

Trisha has stated in one of their TikToks that they paid off a rabbi in order to convert to Judaism. This lie perpetuates Anti-Semitic tropes. Furthermore, on the podcast they had with their brother-in-law, they continuously stated that he loves money and he is, “Jewy,” which again promotes Anti-Semitic stereotypes. In addition, they have fetishized Jewish individuals repeatedly in this podcast and their videos. They have stated that they like to role-play with their husband, making him play stereotypical Jewish tropes and traumatic Jewish experiences.

Trisha has Appropriated a Multitude of Religions

If you have been following Trisha for a while, you know that they were raised Catholic. However, they began dating another content creator’s brother-in-law. The creator, Ethan Klein, is Jewish and so is his wife’s family. Trisha decided to convert to Judaism, which is not an issue in itself. However, they never fully converted. Shortly after that, Trisha stated that they are Hindu, following the Hare Krishna movement. They stated that they went vegan in order to follow the strict vegetarian diet that Hinduism has. However, they had rabbit fur chairs and shortly gave up this religion. Then, they stated that they were studying Islam. Now they claim that they are pagan and practice witchcraft.

There are many different examples of them being problematic, but these are the ones I remember the most. Trisha also utilizes their mental illnesses to shield them from criticism. While it is valid to have these illnesses, it should not be used to excuse anyone from the things that they have done. Accountability is necessary for all aspects of our society, so I am not saying that Trisha needs to be canceled, but they do need to be held accountable for all of these incidents. I would also like to note that Trisha is pregnant and I do not wish ill-will on their pregnancy, but I hope they learn and grow.

Kaitlyn Austin is a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Civil Rights. She is always in the library doing homework with her friends.