The Top 11 Lip Essentials You Need for Fall

I may be a little biased when it comes to certain lippies, but trust me when I say every female needs these in their lip collection.

1. EOS lip balm

First and foremost, I had to start off with the EOS lip balm. I love how it's organic and it instantly moisturizes your lips. It’s that time of the year where it’s getting colder outside, and your lips get dry easily. My favorite one is the Summer Fruit and it lasts for months.

2. Diva

This is the PERFECT burgundy lipstick by MAC cosmetics for women of all shades. It’s the perfect lipstick that you want to pull out when you want to dress up and make a statement.

3. Tansy

Ladies, if you don’t already own Tansy, you have to order it now from ColourPop! I recently just received this as a gift from my best friend and I instantly fell in love. It’s deep brown but also very subtle. For an everyday lip I would highly recommend.

4. Abu Dhabi

I’m going to be completely honest with you, Abu Dhabi is NYX soft matte lip cream, and I’m mad I didn’t try it sooner. I’m all about finding the right shades to have that perfect brown lip, and it lasts for so long. Not to mention NYX is a very inexpensive brand, which made me love it even more.

5. Brick

To achieve your Kylie Jenner lip, Brick is a good lip liner from MAC cosmetics to make your lip pop. I highly recommend this lip liner while using Diva.

6. C.O. Bigelow Ultra Mentha

This is my favorite lip-gloss that I have been using since middle school, and yes I still buy it till this day. It’s a minty lip gloss that not only moisturizes your lip but gives off that perfect shine after you’re done applying. You can find this at any Bath & Body Works and fall in love.

7.  Media

I’m all about deep colors for the fall if you haven’t realized already. Media from MAC cosmetics gives that strong reddish purple look I desire.  

8. Rum Raspberry

If you are looking for a crème lipstick Rum Raspberry is it. The long lasting wear of this lipstick is incredible. Honestly this isn’t my go everyday lipstick color but for a creamy texture it’s a must have in your lip collection.

9.  Cappuccino- Cool Brown

Ever since I first bought NYX slim lip pencil in cappuccino, I’m hooked. This lip liner goes with every lip color you can think of, and as I mentioned before NYX is inexpensive. You have a cute lip at a low cost.

10. Rapture

Some matte lipsticks make your lips feel to dry, but Rapture by BH Cosmetics makes your lips feel very soft and it's long lasting! The shade is just right and for women of color this is amazing.

11.  Kiddo

For a subtle warm look Kiddo by Colourpop is exactly the way to go. You won't think twice about applying this one.

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