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Logan signs with Red Bull
Logan signs with Red Bull
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Three VCU Students Accept Red Bull’s Challenge

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Red Bull is looking for a team of three who thinks they can survive a week in Europe using nothing but Red Bull as currency and three Virginia Commonwealth University club lacrosse players believe they have what it takes.

Joey Coscia, Peter Callahan and Cameron Leonard are competing for Red Bull’s “Can You Make It?” challenge. Red Bull is sponsoring a seven-day adventure where selected teams will be flown to Europe and hand over their cash, cards and phones in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull. Each team will have to rely on their bartering skills and charm to trade Red Bull for everything they need including food, a place to sleep and transportation according to Red Bull’s website. But don’t worry — these three have the right mindset to make it.

Why on Earth do these three VCU students want to travel to another country and rely on only Red Bull?

Red Bull says they are looking for teams who are “adventurous” and have an “up-for-anything attitude”; something that Coscia, Callahan and Leonard all have. Their team, Hot Cheese, is ready for the adventure. Coscia has traveled to Italy before and Callahan has backpacked through Europe. Coscia says it’s “a chance for experience”. The boys got the idea together quickly, went to Shafer Dining Center and brought their idea to life.

Okay, how does this really work?

We know what you’re thinking — a week in Europe with no money, transportation or phone? Red Bull says it can be done. The trio uploaded their application video to Red Bull’s website. The teams that receive the most votes in each country will become finalists who move on to a panel of judges. The judges will select 165 teams who will move on to Europe from there. Selected teams will be flown to one of the five starting points in Europe and begin the adventure on April 12. They will then have one week to make it to the final destination by April 19.

Along the way, teams will visit checkpoints. At each of these checkpoints, they will be tasked with a challenge that will test their body and mind and vary in difficulty, strategy and creativity. If they can complete these challenges, they’ll receive more cans of Red Bull. Teams earn points along their journey in three ways; completing the checkpoint challenges, social score and completed adventure list challenges.

Don’t fret, they won’t be totally alone. Teams will receive support from Contiki trip managers, experts in adventure travel.  If a team decides they can’t make it through the week, they can either break into their emergency envelope to use their personal funds to get to the final destination or contact central command who will arrange for the team to be transported home. The winning team will win the “ultimate summer adventure” by Contiki- an entire summer to travel across Europe.

So, how can I help Joey, Peter and Cameron?

Go online and vote for team “Hot Cheese” on Red Bull’s website. Voting ends Feb. 25 at 11 a.m., so make sure you root for these guys before then! If they are chosen to move on to Europe, you can watch the highlights of the journey on the Red Bull Can You Make It? TV show. What are you waiting for? Vote for their video now! 

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