Thoughts You Have After A Party

*This article was written by a member of the Her Campus VCU Staff who has decided to remain anonymous. It does not reflect the writing or views of the Her Campus or Her Campus VCU*


We’ve all been there.


It’s inescapable really. You and your girlfriends decide to unwind and go out for the night. You have had a week from hell, to say the least, and drink a little (or a lot) more than you should have. Next thing you know, you’re on the beer pong table dancing to a remix of that ridiculously overplayed Rihanna song.  It’s official: you’re that girl. Your friends try to save you from your own demise but the damage is already done. There are unflattering pictures of you on everyone’s phones and your friends escort you out quickly. You know that feeling when you’re stumbling *ahem* I mean walking home? That’s what I call the real walk of shame.


As you reminisce on the night, you feel kind of mortified.



-Did you really dance with HIM?

-Why does your arm hurt so badly? Awesome, there’s a big a** bruise, maybe that has something to do with it.

-Who the hell just texted you? You don’t remember a *enter stereotypical frat boy name*

-Why is that girl wearing shorts? It’s literally 45 degrees outside.

-“My friends suck, I was having so much fun.” Why doesn’t anyone ever let you have a good time?

-Oh, come on, get it together. They are worried about you.

-Focus on walking: 1-2-1-2… just remember to put one foot in front of the other.

-You know you can climb that fence. The cheap Burnetts in the jungle juice hasn’t entirely impaired your impressive abilities.

-Okay OW you know she said it was a bad idea but you didn’t think falling would hurt this much.

-You are STARVING. You should really use your meal plan though… Mmmmm you should get *mediocre campus food that tastes amazing drunk *

-If you don’t get into the dorms, you’re going to be pissed.

-Okay, how did you get past the front desk? You’re pretty sure every word you said was slurred and incoherent but hey, that security guard really helped you out.

-Sh*t, where did that red stain on your white shirt come from? Oh, that’s right, that girl spilled her drink on your brand new top.

-Wow, has this dorm mattress that usually feels like a rock always been this comfy? You swear it has mysteriously transformed into a brand new bed.

-Tonight actually was fun, but maybe you should take it easy tomorrow night.


As your reflection comes to an end, one last thought crosses through your mind before you drift into a deep, alcohol induced slumber:

“HAHA who am kidding? It’s college. I’ll repeat this all over again next weekend… or tomorrow.”