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The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide For Fashion Lovers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

When it comes time for the holidays, fashion lovers everywhere most likely have carts on their favorite websites full of apparel and accessories they want, but they may not tell you this because they’ve probably deemed themselves hard to shop for. From the outside, it seems like fashion lovers have any and every piece of clothing they could ever need, and as a result, their friends and family are stuck guessing about which fashion-related gift they should buy for them. To prevent this dilemma from repeating this holiday season, I’ve compiled a list of the best holiday gifts for fashion lovers.

For your shoe-obsessed BFF

Heeled flats have been huge for the Fall/Winter 2023 season and silver has been making a comeback over the last six months. What better way to combine the two than to gift your shoe-loving bestie these adorable Steve Madden flats?

For your friend who loves 90s fashion

While 90s minimalism has been popular for the last few years, only recently has tortoise shell print been making a comeback. To impress the fashion lover in your life, get them these Crap Eyewear oval-shaped sunglasses for the ultimate ode to the 90s. This brand has a reputation for being both trendy and high-quality, so these sunglasses will last your fashion lover until the next holiday season.

For your sister who loves a versatile skirt

Often times people steer clear from gifting silk garments because it becomes a chore since silk needs to be dry cleaned, but Quince is here to fix that. Quince is known for their washable silk pieces that are both chic and comfortable. This holiday season, gift your sister a Quince silk skirt that can be dressed up for a nice dinner party or dressed down for a shopping day with her friends! 

For your fashionable cousin who’s always cold

Bows have been all the rage this year, fueling the coquette and ballerina aesthetics all over TikTok. Recently, Urban Outfitters came out with a collection of apparel and accessories that have the most darling bows and a whimsical vibe. Gift your fashionable cousin an adorable accessory that will also keep them warm throughout the colder months. 

For your mom who loves to be chic and comfortable

What better way to spend the holidays than in these comfortable yet fashionable pajamas from H&M? The satin sheen of the fabric will have your mom feeling cozy and chic all winter long.

For your BFF who adores jewelry

We all have that one friend who can’t leave the house without their favorite jewelry on. Even if they’re constantly wearing jewelry, there’s always an earring or bracelet that’s gone rogue, give the gift of organization this holiday season with this cute jewelry box from Amazon

For your partner that’s sentimental

Have your very own Troy and Gabriella moment this Christmas by gifting your significant other this pretty initial necklace. Personalized initial necklaces are a timeless and versatile piece of jewelry that any fashion lover would appreciate. This gift will allow you and your partner to be connected even when you’re not together.

For your dad who appreciates street style

Besides being a practical accessory that keeps your head warm in the winter, beanies have also become an attention-grabbing accessory for those who enjoy street style. This Levi’s beanie is perfect for your dad who wants to stay warm but still be cool enough to be seen with you during winter break!

For your friend that’s a fashion major

Make your fashion major BFF brush up on their knowledge during winter break by gifting them one of the “Little Books of Fashion”. Between Dior and Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood and Prada, you can tailor this gift to include your best friend’s favorite designer. If you can’t decide on which book they would like best, you can get them a set of them from Amazon.   

For your sister who loves kitschy accessories

Fashion lovers deserve to be stylish from head to toe and this adorable keychain from Kate Spade will earn you the “best gift giver” title this holiday season. Kate Spade is known for their kitschy accessories that are perfect for your friend who has a whimsical and fun personality. 

Claudia Stewart is currently a senior at VCU, majoring in fashion merchandising with a minor in art history. She enjoys watching rom-coms, baking double chocolate chip cookies with her roommate, and finding the best spot for sushi in her free time. Stewart loves writing about pop culture, fashion, and beauty.