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Starbucks Has Decided Which Drinks Go With Your Zodiac Sign

Starbucks has just released a long-wished-for list... drinks to match each and every zodiac sign. And I must say... they're pretty accurate. I, a Sagittarius, am totally content with mine (mango dragonfruit refresher).


Consisting of some Starbucks star drinks, the horoscope assigns different beverages to each of the zodiac signs.


Starbucks Canada initially posted the guide on their Instagram in the middle of February and it has received quite a positive response from Starbucks heads year round. Here are the matches Starbucks HQ came up with.


Aquarians get the blonde roast latte, probably because they are mild and tend to be indecisive and "here today, gone tomorrow."


Capricorns are a cold brew - intense, thick and full of mystery. Most people wonder what a cold brew even is.


Sagittarians get the mango dragonfruit refresher because they are fun and full of life - and also sweetly tasty.


Scorpios get the espresso shot due to their hostile, concentrated energy. They are hard to miss and sometimes bitter to a fault.


Libras love justice and peace, hence the scale as their symbol. A flat white is a relatively simple and straightforward drink with a point: to wake you up. No fancy syrups, just a drink that will get you going on the right path.


Virgos get the crowd favorite - iced caramel macchiato - due to their kind and loving nature. They are smart, helpful and excellent friends - and always ready to listen and lend a hand.


Leos are awarded iced passion tango tea mainly due to the word "passion" that's stuck in the middle of the drink's name. Leos are full of light and fire and are constantly the center of attention. They do everything with a certain gusto - and people often notice quickly.


Cancers are deep and complicated - in a good way - just like a honey citrus mint tea. There are a lot of flavor combinations going on there, but they're all positive and go well together, just like the almost psychic traits and qualities of a Cancer.


Geminis are famously two-faced, hence the sign being assigned a hot and iced version of an Americano. Geminis are also known for switching between hot and cold at the drop of a hat.


Tauruses are stubborn - just like the health nuts who usually end up ordering an iced matcha green tea latte. Most people shy away from matcha due to it's strong and sometimes grassy taste, but the people who order it love it and its wonderful health benefits.


Aries are vivacious, silly and full of good fortune. Being that the pink drink is most often ordered by young people full of hope with bright futures, this choice seems like a match.


Last but not least, Pisceans receive the ever-so-delicious java chip frappuccino. And that's exactly what Pisceans are... kind, loving and romantic. Pisceans are always a light in others' lives (just like a java chip frappuccino).


Compatibility can also be distinguished through the chart as well. For example, all of the fire signs make good partners for each other, and each of their drinks goes well together. Mango dragonfruit refresher, iced passion tango tea and the pink drink? A delish combination.

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Madeline Wheeler is a journalist major with a focus in print and online journalism at VCU. In her free time, she enjoys drinking floral teas, going to underground concerts in smoky basements, and hunting for keys to the past in antique stores.
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