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I’m sorry mama, but I’m cleaning out my closet!

It’s finally sundress season and it is the perfect time to switch up your fashion style. Start by cleaning out that dreary closet that is filled with boring neutral colors and cotton cardigans. Once you pack up all those winter clothes and boots and store them away for the upcoming months, you can move in the sundresses, tank tops, shorts and sandals. It is so much better to walk into your room and open a closet filled with so many colors.

Even donate some things you might have grown out of. There’s another reason to go shopping and restock your spring fashion!

Kimono cardigans are now in and they go great with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a bralette top. Try out a maxi skirt with a crop top, or go quick and easy with a maxi dress and cute sandals.

Maybe even redecorate your room while you’re at it. Get a new, bright comforter set for bed and open up your curtains to let in the fresh air.

If you stay in a dorm, you and roommate can decorate your door with cute flower cutouts and rearrange the furniture to make a fresh start for the new season.

Go into the spring season looking and feeling beautiful!

I am a sophomore here at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting Journalism.
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