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Simple Skincare and Makeup Products to Keep You Glowing in Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Within this past year, I’ve felt more comfortable in my own skin. Growing up, I experienced a lot of issues in regards to my skin with constant trips to the dermatologist and insecurities about how my face looked and felt. Because of these issues, in order to keep my skin healthy as possible I wore little to no make up, taking me awhile to feel completely beautiful in my natural skin. Now that my skin is more under control, I’ve slowly dipped into light makeup and a huge variety of major skincare brands. My favorite time of day is washing my face and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the day. In this article I’m going to share the products that I use on the daily, that still give me that “summer glow,” as we transition into the colder months. Along with that, I’ll discuss a few make up products that I use that don’t require a lot of effort to use/apply. 

  • Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu is a recent phenomenon. With his line of natural smelling products with natural skin boosting ingredients at an affordable price, his line is truly a steal. I personally have only used his Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater. I use this spray consistently throughout my day, it’s hands down my most used product. I always start the day with a few quick sprays after washing my face and before moisturizing or putting on makeup. As for throughout the day, on days where either feel like I sweat too much or don’t have any moisture on my face in between classes, I just do two to three quick sprays and feel brand new. I purchased the four ounce bottle from Urban Outfitters at beginning of summer and I still have over half of it left, and it’s only $7!
  • Glossier. My absolute favorite line of products at the moment. I decided to give glossier a try randomly after browsing on my Instagram explore page and seeing random postings with their adorable packaging. I read a little bit on the blog linked with the brand “Into the Gloss,” that discusses various products in addition to glossier. Glossier is a brand started in 2014, created and ran by girl boss CEO Emily Weiss. What woman doesn’t want to support another woman? In this line, I religiously use the Priming Moisturizer Rich, Milk Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dot Com (Mint and Birthday Cake flavors) and Wowder. The Milk Jelly Cleaner and priming moisturizer, in combination with Mario Badescu’s Rosewater spray gives my face the ultimate hydration and moisture. Once applying those, I then smear on a little balm dot com (mint) under my eyes for some gloss as well as a satisfying mint tingle on my face. I apply birthday cake to my lips to keep them soft and shimmery. This line is simple, incorporates woman empowerment and natural beauty. It’s also pretty affordable compared to other beauty lines. Products range from $12-32.
  • Milk. Milk is another line that I came across on around the same time as Glossier. Milk brand uses ingredients that are cruelty free as well as fueled with awesome hydrating products such as coconut, orange peel, grape seed oils and fruit and vegetable butters. The products are so simple to use and can be used however you please. Which is perfect for me or someone that just wants something quick and light to brighten up their face a little. From Milk I use the Flex Concealer and the Lip + Cheek stick. I don’t use these products everyday, but I use them on days where I want to do a little more than moisturize my face, while still keeping it healthy and clean! After I use these products, I then go back to Glossier’s Wowder as a setting powder.
  • Lush Cosmetics. I will never stop loving you Lush. Lush was my first love in the natural skin care arena, and I will always love and cherish Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty and the Cup O’ Coffee face masks. I don’t use these everyday of course, because it’ll do more damage than good. But once a week, I try and use one or the other depending on what I feel my face needs. For the difference in these two masks, check out my previous article.

                         Photo taken by Aja Moore, edited by VSCO preset 

Photo credits: Cover Photo taken by Aja Moore in the Glossier Showroom, 1 taken by Aja Moore 

Aja is a Junior at VCU studying Political Science. She loves going to brunch, working out, healthy eating and is overly obessed with the Kardashians & her three dogs (Cooper, Bentley and Lulu). You can follow her on Instagram @ajaerinmo!
Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!