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Although four weeks left of school doesn’tt seem like a lot, when you can see the finish line it’s hard to stay motivated. The second semester is always the time when it feels a little bit nicer outside and students are just grasping at the hope that summer is almost here. 

Classes don’t seem too important to anyone right now because we’re already worried about what courses to choose next year. Some people may be struggling to find a place to live next year or deciding what they actually want to do with their major. It might feel like an endless pile of what-ifs and choices to choose but summer is right around the corner.

Whether you’re staying in Richmond or going back home for the summer, the weight of worrying about your classes is soon to be over. 

Summer is the break that everyone is looking forward to and needing right about now. In summer, you don’t have to worry about that paper you forget to write at the last minute. You don’t have to worry about an exam you procrastinated studying for. 

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I’m not saying summer is stress-free but there’s definitely a big weight that school brings to everyone’s tables. The fact that summer is so close is a bit scary. The last four weeks of a semester are the most important part. It’s the time when you start doing the final projects and preparing for final exams. 

Although it is scary, summer makes these next four weeks worth it. When classes end and students don’t have to worry about their grades, exams, getting to class on time and trying to navigate a class where the teacher isn’t fully teaching is a relief, to say the least. 

Summer comes with making many memories no matter where you are. I also think the sun just makes everything seem less stressful. When you’re sitting in the sun with your eyes closed and in that moment everything just feels easy.

To be able to sleep in and feel the sun waking you up is a luxury that many people don’t have while in school. Summer gives college students the break that feels like it’s taking forever to come. 

Although I don’t live near a beach or anywhere that warm, summer for me, is taking my dog on a hike or going out to dinner with my friends and being able to sit outside. Summer is sitting on my back porch in the morning while I drink my coffee. 

My summer is not extravagant with lots of trips and constantly doing things but I love my summer because it’s simple and sunny. So, no matter what your summer looks like, it’s almost here.

Brooke Lindberg is a communication journalism major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She loves writing about personal issues and hopes to reach some readers that relate:)