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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Name: Sarah Margaret (no, you may not call me Marge!) Przybylski (Priz-bill-ski: I know it looks like one of those late night type of text messages you get from a friend who’s up to no good)

Hometown: Born in Washington D.C., but spent half my growing up in Heidelberg, Germany and the latter half in Yorktown, VA.

Major: Fashion merchandising

Firstly, tell us about yourself.

I am the fourth of five children and an aunt to seven amazing nieces and nephews. My dad was in the Army so we were fortunate to have been stationed overseas. I have been all over Europe and have seen great things that most American students only learn about in geography or art history. Not an easy thing on a limited budget and a family of seven. Also, my mom is my inspiration. If I can become half the lady that I know her to be, I’ll consider myself a total success.

I am a total foodie, I live for trying new or different restaurants — not chains. There are four things that I consider myself truly passionate about: art, music (I can’t get into trap and I don’t do ska, at all, it sounds like people who just need to switch to decaf to me), fashion and food, in no specific order. I can also shop like it’s nobody’s business (really a fashion major, how rare?!) I love to laugh and I’m not above random acts of kindness or silliness.

This is my second time at school. I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design, but I was too young to value the opportunities I was given and four years in, I did not have a degree. I’ve worked for many years and I’ve had some incredible experiences: bartending in Savannah, traveling, doing marketing and events coordinating for the largest Harley Davidson dealership in South Carolina — there’s a lot of good stories right there; moving back home with my parents and of course, the associate’s degree that eventually brought me to VCU.

Why did you choose VCU?

Three of my four siblings have all been VCU students at some point in their academic careers. I guess that’s the obvious answer, but I looked into the fashion merchandising major, which strengthened the appeal. The real decision maker though was driving up to Richmond on a random morning, wandering into the fashion department and telling a complete stranger about my recklessness at SCAD and hearing that it wasn’t impossible for me to become a student at VCU.

How did you hear about VCU Stitch, and why is name the now Stitch, rather than its former name of the Stiletto Club?

I was told about the Stiletto Club in Professor Reamy’s Survey of Fashion course. The name came to me one evening when I sat down to do some marketing homework. I didn’t really think anyone would care for it. We’re hoping to elevate the student organization and, of course, create more value for students while at the university. We also felt that Stiletto Club was a little too focused and didn’t adequately represent all of us.

Why did you want to become the president, and how did you do so?

I had actually missed the first Stiletto Club meeting. After the fact, Professor Reamy had addressed our class encouraging anyone to volunteer to be president, as no one had been nominated or had voiced interest. I waited a week, out of consideration for anyone who might’ve been interested, and volunteered.

What is Stitch all about?

One of our goals, first and foremost, is to attempt to bridge the gap between design and merchandising students within the department. There seems to be a huge divide, and we, the officers and the staff that oversee us, recognize it as opportunity, so those are our goals: gaining access for the students, presenting them with more opportunities and gathering more resources within the school and around the city of Richmond.

What’s on Stitch’s agenda? 

So many events and workshops! There will be an International Fashion Festival, field trips to local businesses, movie nights honoring some of the greatest films and faces to ever grace the runway or the silver screen. There are also professionalism-building workshops, even activities like day trips to spas or shopping centers that give students other ways to build comradery, establish contacts, market themselves to the outside world or just to have fun and take a break for a change!

What would you say your personal style is?

Bold classic, which sounds boring for me to hear it. I tend to go very classic with clothing; clean lines, conservative looks. I don’t really do strapless dresses or pieces with cut-outs, thin straps or prints. No, I’m not going to compare myself to Jackie O, because I can’t take myself that seriously. You’ll never catch me in sweats or athletic wear in public, but even I have a favorite Pink Floyd t-shirt complete with bleach spots and what looks like evidence of piranha bite marks.

I live for fancy dress and upscale events, but I also love my jeans and t-shirt days, which I’m taking too much liberty with during finals, right now! Let me put it this way, I shop at Nordstrom, mostly because I can’t afford Neiman Marcus or Harrods, yet!

You’re definitely busy with school and everything on campus. What advice would you give to someone trying to balance their school work and other activities?

You have to constantly remind yourself to take one thing at a time. Make lists of what you need to get done, the first step is always getting organized, so cross things off as soon as you complete them and make time to clean your work and living space, clutter and disarray effect the creative process, your mood, your motivation and your general disposition much more than you realize.

How can people reach/follow Stitch?

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @VCUStitch. Also, you may contact me at Przybylskism@vcu.edu.

Stephanie is a freshman writer for Her Campus at VCU. Amid her love for writing, she also enjoys volleyball, watching Jimmy Fallon and fashion shows, everything nature, and eating way too much pizza.
Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!