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Rough Week? Here Are A Few Ways To Cheer Up

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

We all have rough days in life. Those days can add up to a week, or even several weeks. Not that anything particularly unfortunate has to happen, but a stressful week can catch up to you. The best way to deal with these things is to pick up the pieces and move on. But getting it together isn’t always easy. Sometimes all you need to do is catch your breath and reset. Doing whatever you need to do to refresh and restart is the first step in shaking off a rough patch. Taking a step back to avoid burnout can give you a fresher perspective and attitude. Avoiding burnout is key to long-term success in whatever your goals may be. As a college student, the last month of the semester can be extra stressful. With classes, internships, clubs, sports, and jobs, it can all add up to be a lot outside of your personal life. Even just the stresses of daily life are enough to need to hit the reset button. As busy college students, it’s important to take a step back. There are a few ways that I, as a college student, cheer myself up from a stressful week.

Self-Care Routine

There is no better feeling than being freshly cleaned and doing a full maintenance routine. It makes me feel refreshed immediately after. At night, I’ll do an “everything shower” and go to bed with my routine marinating until I finish it up in the morning. In order, I’ll oil my scalp, wash my hair, do a hair mask, do an “everything shower,” exfoliate and add a clay face mask, do my skincare routine, do my nails, blow dry my hair, and add in overnight heatless curls. In the morning I’ll take out my overnight curls, oil my hair, do my skincare, and a sheet face mask, and follow with the usual everyday makeup and haircare. Listen to a TV show or music and this routine will be even better. This is the more intense version of my self-care routine, but it never fails to leave me feeling renewed and like my best self. 

Connecting with Friends

If you’re more extroverted like I am, hanging out with friends always refills my energy tank. Surrounding me with people that I care for and connect with always leaves me in a boosted mood. Being able to vent to my friends and get advice and new perspectives always alleviates my stress. As college students, we can connect with each other on common issues we may run into. Finding a group of people that recharge you and connecting with them is a great way to refresh and boost your mood.

Taking Care of Yourself Physically

While self-care is one way to take care of yourself physically, the inside is also important! Having a well-rounded diet can give you the energy you need to refresh and get back to it. Throwing in some exercise helps too. Some ways I like to do that is by going on a walk, getting a gym sesh in by myself or with the girls, following a Pilates video, or getting in some cardio. For a quick pick-me-up, I like to drink green juice or kombucha. All of these together make me feel my best so I can do my best. 

Taking care of yourself is important amidst the chaos of being a college student. It’s important to take a step back and prioritize the person that is achieving all of these goals. The little things that you can do for yourself can all add up to refresh and be ready to go. Taking the time to reboot means that you’re showing up as the best version of yourself. 

Salma is a junior at VCU majoring in digital journalism and minoring in psychology. She loves iced coffee, going out with her girls, and watching old movies.