Places to Get Your Study on in RVA

Studying is difficult to do, especially if you are not in the ~right~ environment. You all know what is meant by ~right~ environment as well... the lighting has to be perfect, the people involved need to be quiet or even silent and a fancy coffee is sometimes required. Bottom line is studying isn't fun naturally, so we have to force it to be entertaining. Here are five places in Richmond that have just the right vibe.

1 - Mon Chou

Located on Grace Street downtown, Mon Chou is a Parisian-inspired bakery in the heart of Richmond. The most perfect area for studying is their upstairs loft, which is nice and peaceful and full of comfortable seats and tables. I could spend hours their with a steaming herbal tea and a French pastry.

2 - The Beet at Ellwood Thompson's

Although a little less quiet, The Beet is a cafe-style section of the grocery store Ellwood Thompson's near Carytown. It's cute and has bright lighting so your laptop's glow won't hurt your eyes. During the day, it's hardly full and perfect for peaceful studying.

3 - Pomona Coffee and Plants

Pomona is the cutest new shop in Church Hill, and I don't know why someone hadn't started a coffee shop that sells plants until now. It is an extremely serene space, and they have amazing drinks (even ones without coffee) and solid food.

4 - Bryan Park

A little bit of a drive from VCU's campus, Bryan Park offers a much more remote version of a park compared to Monroe Park in the center of the city. Bring a cute blanket, your laptop and some books and knock out some work while the geese come say, "Hi!"

5 - Idle Hands Bread Company

Idle Hands makes the best bread I've ever had - it's truly magical. The ambience of their bakery is also spectacular... tranquil and perfect for studying due to lots of large windows that exude natural light. Pack in a flaky pastry while you're at it and you'll be in Heaven.

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