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Perks and Struggles of Being a Fangirl in College

Struggle: Why are Taylor Swift concert tickets so expensive?

"I think I might have some spare change from that time I got Taco Bell...Is that enough to cover it?"


Perk: There’s always something there to make you happy after a long day.


Struggle: When the season finale comes on and you're at work!


Perk: You can legally drink at the concerts, providing you an escape from the openers and escape the merch table.

Struggle: When your fave dumps your college tuition in a Jacuzzi.


Perk: Finding people who fangirl over the same things you do - leading to SO MANY new friends.


Struggle: When celebrity drama happens and you’re trying to stay focused in class.


Perk: Reading live tweets of an experience (ex, concert, show, POLITICAL DEBATE).  


Struggle: Having to decide if you should catch up on your obsession or sleep.

"Anybody else spend all night binge watching a show because they left it on a cliffhanger?!"

Perk: Those long breaks between classes? Catch up on that show on your twitter timeline!

Struggle: Hearing a song come on in public and have to pretend to keep your chill.

Perk: Hearing a song in public and not pretending to keep your chill.

"We’re college kids, time to OWN our interests"

Struggle: All your friends judging you because you got “too into it”. Again.


Perk: Thanks to Netflix, we no longer have to wait a whole week to get our fix.

"Honestly, if OITNB made me wait, I would be dead."

Struggle: Spoilers on social media.

Perk: Netflix/Hulu exists = No commercial breaks.


Struggle: Wishing you could read the whole series again like the first time.

"I would go back to my younger self and make myself appreciate Harry Potter more."

Perk: Overhearing someone in public talk about your obsession.

Struggle: The school wifi is TYPICALLY unreliable and your tweets/show won’t load and you can physically feel yourself crumbling into a pile of dirt.


Perk: You no longer live at home so your parents can’t judge you…


Struggle: When your home wifi is just as unreliable as the school's...

Perk: Getting to connect with the younger generation

"Who knew middle schoolers could be so cool!? We’re wearing the same shirt!"

Katie is a 21 year old Psychology major at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her legal name is Katherine, but only her mother can call her that when she's in trouble. She loves coffee, lipstick, science, leggings, and people who properly cite their sources.
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