Outfits For a Spring Break in Paradise

Even though spring break is only three weeks away, I know you have nothing ready for your trip. I specifically mean the outfits because let’s be honest, that is all that matters. I honestly have the most difficult time coming up with cute outfits that are comfortable but also Insta-worthy (obviously), especially on a trip. That’s where I come in and save you from accidentally packing too many jeans and not enough shoes. Here are some ideas for your upcoming tropical trip!

  1. 1. Jeans and a Scarf

    My absolute favorite spring and summer trend coming back with the weather is wearing scarves or bandanas as tops with jeans and mules or cute heels. This outfit is so versatile and you can keep it formal with heels and a cute bag or make it more casual with all-white sneakers and an updo. This is also perfect for dinner during your trip or just exploring the area. I guarantee compliments on compliments with this outfit. 

  2. 2. Sporty Mini Dresses 

    Midi dresses had their moment last summer, now we’re back to mini dresses. My favorite is the whole sporty, athletic mini dress look with sneakers and long-ish socks. That is a perfect outfit for any outing because it’s still casual but keeps you looking cute and always ready to pose for any picture. Bonus: you don’t have to wear pants (this is very important to me).

  3. 3. Versatile Tops and Jeans

    Another look I’m loving for vacations is the tie-up, “versatile” tops because they’re light and airy but still so cute. They pair so well with any pair of jeans, skirts (midi and mini alike), or denim shorts so they really are versatile. The shirts are so flattering and keep you looking like you’re in paradise. The only downside to this top may be the crazy tan you’ll get from it, but stay out of the sun and it’ll be worth it, I promise.

  4. 4. Denim Shorts and Anything 

    They’re making a comeback ladies. Denim shorts left the spotlight for a little but they’re back and better this spring and summer. My advice? Denim shorts and a statement crop top and some sneakers or platform sandals. This outfit is cute virtually anywhere and will keep the pictures looking good. The best part? You can find the parts to this outfit anywhere so shopping before the big trip won’t be hard. 

That’s my list for your spring break travels. Hopefully, you let me dress you for your vacation and you find that picking out outfits for paradise is really not all that bad!