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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Dear Meninism, 

Hello there. You probably think you’re so clever, with your “satirical” responses to feminism and gender equality. What a riot. You must think you’re so amusing, mocking every aspect of feminism; from dress codes to third-world countries circumcising women. How funny!

What I don’t find so funny, though, is how you set back what what women have been working toward for centuries. What I don’t find so funny is that while you insist upon mocking every aspect of feminism, we do not have that luxury. We’re still trying to get others on board with what feminism is. While you dismantle every platform feminism stands for, we’re left to try and pick up the fallen pieces. 

For those of you who are a little confused, “#meninism” is a movement started on Twitter after photos of American sprinter Adam Harris tearing up as his wife walked down the aisle circulated, claiming how it wasn’t “manly.” These accounts (and the people who support them) mock and satirize what feminism stands for. Though the accounts immediately claimed they were joking, their tweets say otherwise.

Here are some definitions for those of you who identify with this movement, since you seem to be a little confused: 

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.

Meninist: a global organization of men that believe in and support the feminist principles of political, social and economic equality.

Meninism: a satirical movement mocking feminism by making it about the oppression of men. 

You, meninism, have corrupted what was once a way for men to express their stance with the feminist movement– unfortunately, it has become tainted by people like you who cannot handle women becoming more independent, and cannot understand why other men would support women advancing. You have allowed your small-minded, outdated ways to completely destroy what women have been working for for centuries. While you “satirize” the dress code, women across the U.S. are sent home for showing too much shoulder, since it’s a distraction “to the boys.” While you mock the rape culture, one in four women on college campuses across the U.S. are victims of some form of sexual assault. While you poke fun at the way you (primarily) white men are oppressed, women all over the world deal with patriarchal cultures in which their voices are not heard. 

So, meninism, I don’t think you’re funny. I don’t appreciate your particular brand of humor, nor do most women who proudly identify as feminists and don’t appreciate you tearing down their platform for “fun.” I don’t find anything about you, your platform or what you “stand” for clever, amusing, or anything even remotely similar to funny. You’re rude, a mockery of a worldwide movement, and honestly the worst thing to happen to Twitter.

For those of you who identify with this movement, I apologize. I apologize that you cannot handle strong, independent women working for what they want. I’m sorry you are so close minded and misogynistic that you feel the need to mock everything this movement stands for. I’m sorry you couldn’t find a better way to contest feminism and resorted to stupid, crude jokes. 

So, meninism, I would appreciate if you crawled back down into the dark hole of society you came from and did not rear your ugly head again. I would greatly appreciate if you let feminists work for what they want, and didn’t undermine our efforts. Thank you.


A Proud Feminist

Emily is a part-time coffee addict and a full-time English and Public Relations student at Virginia Commonwealth University. She enjoys all things punny, intersectional feminism, Chrissy Teigen's tweets and considers herself a bagel & schmear connoisseur. You can probably find her either listening to the Hamilton soundtrack or binge watching The Office for the thousandth time
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