Oliver "Booke" Bonhotel

Oliver “Booke” Bonhotel

Age: 21.5

Sex: Yes please.

Year: Junior

Hometown: Roanoke

Major: Environmental Science

Relationship Status: Taken by my best friend

How are you involved at VCU or in the community?

I’m an active member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, I volunteer at St. Andrews elementary school and give laughs all around campus free of charge.

Favorite experience at VCU so far:

Anytime sitting around talking with my close friends.

Favorite spot in Richmond:

Maymont, Belle Isle or Jefferson Hotel during the Holidays

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Ethan Hawke but more realistically Michael Cera or Adam DeVine

Current obsession:

Chipotle (current, former, and likely future), gourmet coffee and finding exceptional bargains

Last song you listened to:

Only One, Kanye

Where was your first kiss?

Middle school bathroom…I hate myself too.

Any guilty pleasures?

Online shopping, making funny faces at babies when their parents aren’t looking and singing Total Eclipse of The Heart at the top of my lungs.

Celeb crush:

Emma Watson, Tay Swift and Amy Jo Johnson (pink Power Ranger)

Do you have any hidden talents?

Baking, sudoku and tying a cherry stem with my tongue...ladies ;)

Ladies’ fashion trend that you just don’t understand:

Yoga pants...just kidding, they're awesome. Animal print, platform shoes (especially flip-flops) and ubiquitous piercings.

Fun fact:

AOL still makes over $500 million a year through dial-up internet subscriptions