An Ode to Nipsey Hussle

On March 31, the world lost not only a rapper but a community activist. Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his store in Los Angeles in broad day light and the world has been shaken ever since. Since this tragedy, my mind has wandered, wondering if prophetic voices are supposed to live short lives. Nipsey was talented and well respected in the rap community with his wise words and positive image of what the world should be. Only 33 years young, he left a mark that will be present for eternity. Though Nipsey was predominate in the industry here are things to know about the late rapper!

His iconic 2013 mixtape. In 2013, Nipsey released another mixtape out of the many he had released throughout his career. This mixtape titled ‘Crenshaw’ only had 1,000 copies made and each was sold for $100 dollars. These sales catapulted Nipsey’s popularity, with the well-renown Jay-Z purchasing 100 in support of Nipsey’s work. With the steep price of $100 for a mixtape, Nipsey wanted to make it clear why it was priced so high with his iconic quote that went along with this whole business deal. “It ISN’T the price of the plastic case and polyurethane disc…it’s the price of Revolution! The price of Rebellion against an industry that has tricked us all into making products that have no soul for fear of not being heard if we don’t”. He also explained to GQ last month that it was used as a “scarcity model”.

His relationship with Lauren London. These two are probably one of the best couples in Hollywood. So genuine, in love, beautiful. The couple did a couples shoot and interview for GQ magazine just a month back, explaining the start of their relationship. Lauren explained how in 2013, she also purchased his $100 mixtapes to buy as gifts for her co-stars on ‘The Game’ as the show came to its close. She bought them, followed him on Instagram, and then Nipsey slid in her DM’s. A modern-day love story right? The two share a child together as well as raising two other children coming from each of them from previous relationships. They have been together for five years now, in the midst of breakup rumors, engagement rumors and anything that comes along with being famous and in love. Nipsey liked to discuss the couple as “simple building,” at all times.

Grammy Nominee. Released in 2018, Nipsey released what is now his last album, ‘Victory Lap.’ He received a Grammy nomination for it for the first time in his career. It was a family event to the Grammy’s, encompassing Nipsey’s dedication to his career and family.

Gang affiliation and Community Activism. Nipsey Hussle has been very open about his previous affiliation to one of the largest gangs. He spent a lot of time affiliated with “Rollin 60s Crip”. Since moving on from this affiliation, he made it a mission to clean up the community and work along with law enforcement to keep the youth moving in a positive direction.

The Prophetic voice that Nipsey shared will forever be remembered and appreciated. Rest in Peace.  

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