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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Vine, an app where millions of six seconds videos were shared with the world, is officially coming to an end “in the coming months” announced by the site’s owners on Oct. 26. At the tender young age of 3, as the app began in 2013, 2016 will be engraved on its tombstone as its end. 

Vine survived by its millions of viewers, endless loops and laughs, an assortment of comics, the musically talented, cuteness contrasting with the crazy, and the ever so creative along with the stupid. A global community of laughter and love, mixed with drama and hate made it a place of entertainment and comedic harmony all wrapped into a six second clips. A platform expanded by its many users to let creativity unfold, to amplify a small moment of humor into an everlasting looping appeal of instant gratification. 

The fact that this day brightening application will no longer be in functioning use on my phone in the next couple months is something I will be taking time to mourn. An official funeral date is yet to be determined. In honor of Vine passing, here are a few of my favorite vines to transform this tragic event into an opportunity to celebrate its life instead. Remember, regardless of Vine’s passing, the motto “Do it for the vine!” lives on and should be upheld to maintain Vine’s glory days at all times. Enjoy.






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