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Not Sure What To Wear In This Fall Heat? I’ve Got A Few Ideas.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Despite it being September, the weather feels like early August. This fall heat wave makes it a challenge to find a cute and comfy outfit to wear throughout the day. Especially while walking to class. Personally, I love hot weather. The hotter the better. However, I don’t like sweating through my clothes by the end of the day. I can’t wait for the fall weather to come in. Hopefully, sweater weather starts soon! I’ve had enough of the same shorts and tank top combination, it’s starting to get old. It’s time to take out the jeans and sweatshirts. 

In order to dress for this heat wave, we first have to deal with the heat wave. You should be drinking water every day, but it’s extra important to stay hydrated throughout the heat! That way you’ll be cute and comfortable in your heat-resistant outfit. It also might be wise to save the hair-down styles for the chillier months. Personally, when I straighten my hair in the heat it just ends up getting frizzy. There are so many cute claw clips and hair-up styles out there.

An absolute go-to hot weather outfit (in my opinion) is any athleisure. Not only is it super cute, but also super convenient. Shorts would definitely be a better option than leggings in this scenario. Some comfy gym shorts and a big t-shirt are a slay combo. An oversized t-shirt can work in almost any situation. A cute shorts and bra top gym set would be great for a really hot and humid day outside. If you don’t feel like wearing a tank top pretty much every day, then there are sweat-proof athletic tops. Compression crop tops with a back cut out and some shorts, leggings, or sweatpants are great for busy days. My favorite places to buy athleisure are Aerie, Athleta, Target, and of course Lululemon (on occasion because those prices are not cute). 

For days when you want to dress up a bit but it’s too hot to look decent, dresses are your best friend. I barely want to put on makeup much less put effort into my outfit if it’s over eighty degrees outside. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but a little easy and breezy dress is always cute. A classic go-to is a sundress, any kind for the summer. Preferably with a little flower print. Another go to option is a strappy body con dress. A big trend over the spring/summer 2023 season was Kim Kardashians SKIMS collection. Her strappy body con dress is in every trendy girls closet this year. Lastly a big flowy maxi dress would be cute and comfy for hotter days. A major trend from this summer was big flowy maxi skirts. Pair any of these with a sweater for A/C and some boots and that’s a hot day fit right there. 

It’s totally possible to sweat as soon as you get outside and look good while doing it. Even if you’re a style over comfort person or a comfort over style type of person, there are ways to look cool and stay cool in the heat. 

Check out this Pinterest board for essential hot-weather fall styles.

Salma is a freshman at VCU. She is currently undecided, but considering majoring in journalism. She loves iced coffee and a comforting gilmore girls marathon.