New Semester, New Me: How to Redecorate and Reorganize Your College Bedroom

The beginning of a new semester means the chance for a fresh start. What better way to wipe your slate clean of last semester’s habits than reorganizing your home space and creating the perfect expression of yourself?

Step 1: Compartmentalize & clean

Compartmentalizing and organizing “Marie Kondo style” may not be for everyone, but you can still gain important lessons from her style of organization. The famous home space organizer (who has her own Netflix show) says that creating groups of items and areas to organize helps you even begin the process of reorganization. Chunking out groups of items or areas of your room can be the best way to tackle what seems like an overwhelming process because it makes the task smaller. Need a basic idea of where to start? Begin with your clothing space. That may be your closet, wardrobe, dresser, etc. Begin by donating what clothes you don’t need and refold/group the clothes you want to keep. This same rule applies to shoes, towels, bedding, accessories, etc. Work by organizing your closet into sections of similar you items which will make things easier to find in the long run.

Step 2: Good lighting makes all the difference

    Not all college dorms/homes are equally blessed with the luminescence of good natural light. The solution? Create that ambiance for yourself by investing in quality light sources. Choose things that accent your room, such as a small hanging lamp for late-night reading, or luminescent decorations that add light and a decorative effect at the same time. One of my favorite light fixtures is small stringed bulbs or white Christmas lights on the border of my window sills. It adds a softer layer of sparkle to your room when you’re just not feeling those uber bright ceiling lights.

Step 3: Shop smart and cheap

    Shopping for room essentials and decorations does not have to break the bank. I repeat no matter your budget is, you can design your space to fit your aesthetic by shopping smart. After all, you’re not shopping for your permanent home; you’re buying items for your college room. Who knows, maybe you’ll take some of them into your next phase of life (depending on the wear and tear). Some of my favorite places to shop are discounted stores that sell home goods. My list includes Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods. My other favorite stores are Target or the online store, Primark. Lastly, never discount resell sites, apps or even college facebook groups for cheap furniture at bargain prices.

Step 4: Express your aesthetic through a color-scheme

    When shopping for items, try to color coordinate as best you can. It will tie your room together and make it feel more like a homey space. For example, my color scheme includes my favorite color blue (and you can use all kinds of different hues of blue), white and gray. It’s super simple and clean, and not to difficult to find items in these colors. Express yourself through color, and this will keep your whole space feeling chic and deliberately-designed at the same time.

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