A (Nearly) Free Summer Bucket List

Summer is a fun time to spend with your friends and family while (hopefully) not having to worry about the stress school can cause. Most summer days can be spent laying next to a pool, enjoying the sweet rays the hot sun has to offer. But, sometimes doing the same thing every day can get boring. Here are 10 (nearly) free activities that you should put on your bucket list this summer:

1. Create a blog.

Cost: Free!

I have always wanted to create my own blog and have attempted to do so a few times, but never really committed to posting. This summer, you can make your own blog about anything you like! Fashion, beauty, lifestyle or a combination of all three are the most common blog types, but blogs are not limited to just these types. There are hundreds of different blogging platforms that let you customize your own blog and posts for free. 

2. Go to a national park.

Cost: Minimal

Parks can be a great way to spend a summer day and are usually free. The only cost would be the gas it takes to drive to and from the park. There are tons of parks in every state, and the park does not have to be a national one. Take your dog to just your local park and spend a day enjoying nature. 


3. Have a picnic.

Cost: Minimal

Picnics are an easy, yet overlooked fun way to spend any nice day. Whip up some sandwiches with a friend and chop up some fruit and have yourself a great picnic in a sunny patch of grass. Picnics are fun ways to change up where you eat, and the only costs are the price of the food.


4. Go to a museum.

Cost: Free or minimal

Museums are a great place to go this summer to get some knowledge. Most museums are free and are a great place to go with your family. My favorite museums to go to are the Smithsonian ones (which have free admission) in Washington, D.C. There are many different types of museums to interest any and everyone. 

5. Redecorate your room.

Cost: Free!

Redecorate your room with items you have laying around your house! Redecorating with items you already have is a great way to spice up your room without spending a penny. Move around some furniture, or maybe just move a plant. Redecorating can be an activity to do on a rainy day where you have to stay inside all day.

6. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

Cost: Minimal

Drive-in movie theaters are a fun way to spend a summer night. Grab your friends and family and experience the movies like back in the day. The only costs for the drive-in theater are the tickets, snacks and gas to get there and back. 

7. Attempt a Pinterest recipe.

Cost: Minimal

Attempting a Pinterest recipe can be a great girls-night-in activity to do with your girlfriend. Pick a recipe that you want to attempt to make, buy the ingredients and then try to make it! Trying new recipes and food can be a great way to find a new recipe that you love to make, and the only cost is the ingredients to make the food. Make anything from gooey brownies to spicy tacos. The possibilities are endless. 

8. Go to the zoo.

Cost: Minimal

Every kid loved going to the zoo, and if you are like me, you have not been there since then. Zoos can be fun for young adults, too! Some zoos are free or require a small ticket price. Zoos are a great place to go this summer with friends to walk around and view all the amazing animals. 

9. Go camping.

Cost: Free!

One thing I have always wanted to do is go camping! Camping is perfect in the summer because temperatures tend to drop at nighttime, which makes camping during any other season tough. 

10. Take a day trip to the beach or lake.

Cost: Minimal

Day trips cut the cost of the need to pay for a hotel room, which can be very pricey these days. The “nice” hotels tend to be over a hundred dollars per night. Why pay for a hotel when you can make it a day trip?! Day trips to a nearby beach or lake can be loads of fun, especially on a budget. If the beach or lake is far away, pack up your car the night before to eliminate wasting valuable time in your day trip. The only cost of a day trip is the gas to get to the location and back, and maybe a few extra snacks.

If you get bored this summer, take a look at this list and try doing something you have not done in a while! You may have more fun than you think. 

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