My Valentine's Day Horror Story

Ah, Valentine's Day; everybody either loves the day or loves to hate the day. For me, it’s kind of hard to love to hate the day because my birthday is the day before, so, I’m usually in good spirits from the money and presents I’ve just received.

A few years ago I was finally old enough to, shall we say, experience the full potential Valentine's Day has to offer. Because of this, I experienced one of the worst Valentine's Day ever and you get to rejoice in my misery. Well, here it goes: My Valentine's Day Horror Story:

I was 16 turning 17 my junior year of high school. I had been talking to a guy I had met a friend's house for a couple months now. We had hung out a few times and were both interested in each other. Since Valentine's Days was only a week and a half away, I brought up the topic and asked if he wanted to do anything. He asked me back the same question. I told him I was really interested in seeing "50 Shades of Gray."

After he agreed, I proceeded to go to and looked up movie times for Valentine's Day. I read him the times and we settled on 7 p.m. I told him I was going to buy the tickets online that day because I was afraid they would sell out if we waited until the day before or day of. So, that night, I bought the tickets.

Fast forward a week and a half to Valentine's Day, I woke up at around 11 a.m. to a text that read something along the lines of this: “I know you’re not going to like this, but I hurt my foot last night in my soccer game and it’s really swollen and I don’t think I can go out tonight.”  

After reading this, I was obviously upset because I had been really looking forward to seeing this movie and had already wasted 30-some dollars on TWO tickets. After stewing for a few hours and taking a much-needed hot shower, I decided that I was going to see the movie that night, just not with him.

I started texting a few guy friends asking what they were doing that night and if they wanted to see "50 Shades of Gray" that night. Surprisingly, all three guys I texted agreed to go with me, but I only had two tickets…I ended up having to choose which guy friend I wanted to go with me, so I chose the one I used to have a “thing” with (big mistake). I told him what time the movie was and said that we could just meet there but he insisted on picking me up.

I was kind of nervous because this was the first date-ish I had ever really been on. Everything was fine until we sat down in the movie theater. It was pretty quiet in the theater and there were two ladies sitting in front of us eating from a Chick-fil-a bag. My date, Matt*, proceeded to very loudly say, “Chick-fil-a? I want Chick-fil-a. Where did you guys get Chick-fil-a from?” The ladies reluctantly turned around and replied “A different mall.” I was slightly embarrassed after the encounter because I’m an introvert and don’t feel comfortable speaking to strangers.

Once the movie started, everything seemed fine, that is, until the first “sex”-ish scene came on to which my date said, “Yeah, that’s what I came here for,” loudly enough for a three-row radius to hear him.

Embarrassed was an understatement.

The entire movie was kind of awkward. Once it finished, we went to his car and right when we got into his car he grabbed my face and started making out with me. I pulled back and said I had to be home soon. He said okay, but told me he had to stop by his Dad’s house first to grab something or change clothes or something weird. Since I didn’t really have to be home, I said okay. We arrived at his Dad’s house and went inside. He led me into his room and grabbed some clothes to change into since he had dressed up for our Valentine's Day date.  Once he changed, he asked if I wanted to hang out here for a little bit, but I declined insisting I needed to be home. Before we left he grabbed a case of beer from the fridge and put it in the trunk of his car.

“Ah, good.” I thought to myself. “I can’t wait to get pulled over and get a charge for possessing alcohol!”

I asked him why he put a case in the back of his car and he said he was going to a party after he dropped me off and invited me to come alone. Once again, I said I wish I could, but I had to be home before my curfew (anybody who knows me knows that I have never had a curfew, and if I say I have to be home before my curfew it’s an excuse to leave).

He drove me home and then I got out of the car and walked into my house and never looked back.

For those of you that are wondering…He did text me the next morning or maybe it was that night, saying that he had a great time and asked if I wanted to hang out the next weekend. I didn’t want to lead him on so I told him I felt forced and uncomfortable when he kissed me and that pretty much ended that.


*names have been changed for identity purposes