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Coachella 2024 has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and I genuinely feel so much FOMO for missing it. Between having Lana Del Rey, Faye Webster, Ice Spice, Sabrina Carpenter, and many more amazing artists perform, I would have DIED to be there. Coachella is a music festival in Indio, California that lasts two weekends per year.

Coachella began in 1999, only three months after Woodstock ‘99, as a two-day event. In 2001, It returned and has been active ever since (except in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Coachella did not become a three-day festival until 2007 and has now become one of the most popular music festivals in the nation. Coachella showcases some of the most famous and beloved music artists, leading the festival to gain more and more popularity each year. 

This year, Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, Doja Cat, and No Doubt headlined and did not disappoint. Fans online have been raving about the amazing performances they gave. Doja Cat not only shaved her head on stage but also wore a color-changing dress. No Doubt brought out Olivia Rodrigo as a surprise guest singer and reprised one of their most famous live moments. My personal favorite, Lana Del Rey, absolutely killed it with her performance. She rode in and out of the stage on motorcycles, had a fabulous wardrobe, a fabulous setlist, and even had a stripper pole on the stage – iconic. The most iconic moment that has been all over my social media timelines is when Lana brought out Billie Eilish to sing Billie’s song, Ocean Eyes, together.

Although the performances were phenomenal, many people have had different feelings about Coachella fashion this year. Coachella fashion tends to be very out-there and extravagant; it’s like a red carpet of its own. However, this year, the vibes were much more relaxed. People were wearing more comfortable clothes, streetwear, etc. I have seen a lot of people upset about this, but honestly, I don’t hate it. I feel like cute and comfy are the right vibes for a music festival. 

Irelyn Rogan is studying Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Irelyn is a third-year student, and this is her fifth semester as a HerCampus journalist! She is very interested in lifestyle, pop culture, and entertainment in general.