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My Review of The Chromatica Oreo

Already taking the spot as one of the most unexpected collaborations of 2021, the Chromatica Oreo managed to turn a lot of heads when it was announced as an upcoming product release. Lady Gaga, in an attempt to promote her most recent album, “Chromatica,” decided that a collaboration with the Oreo cookie company was the best way to go. 

She’s been known for her unorthodox ideas (it’s why we all love her), and this concept is right up her alleyway in terms of collaborations. It definitely set her apart from the different pop-artist products already on the market, and despite mixed first-impressions, it did its job at promoting her content. Honestly, while a large portion of social media took the opportunity to poke fun at the concept of an Oreo collaboration, the limited-edition cookies still managed to sell out in various locations, as people wanted to know what a Lady Gaga Oreo would taste like. 

I was one of those people. 

I’m a long-time Lady Gaga fan. I’ve listened to all her albums back-to-back multiple times and, back when CDs and portable CD players were actually fun, I had a few of her physical albums! Her live shows are some of my favorites ever, point-blank, and I still have most of her “The Fame” album on repeat to this day! So, of course, even if it was kind of a lame collaboration, I knew I had to buy the Chromatica Oreo. 

Now, with the aggressive pink and green coloring, the cookie itself is a bold statement. Not to mention the fact that it was packaged in a holographic container with a faux-ripped decal on the front. It’s already significantly more vibrant than the traditional Oreo packaging. The color choices naturally raise some eyebrows as people all over social media tried to mull over what they believed it would taste like. After all, Lady Gaga is known for her bold style and intense aesthetics, right?

Torey Walsh / Spoon

It is with a heavy heart that I must confess to you that the cookie itself is very plain tasting. It tastes like vanilla, leaning more towards a vanilla bean flavor instead of just pure vanilla, but vanilla all the same. 

The cookie was entirely underwhelming. 

I’ll admit that I may have hyped myself up for this cookie. I’d imagined that it would have some sort of kiwi/strawberry flavor mashup due to the coloring, and I was excited! Oreo is known for having unique cookie flavors, like matcha and jelly donut, so I thought they would extend the same fun flavoring to the Lady Gaga collab. 

Instead, I just got an underwhelming mouthful of vanilla bean. I honestly thought I was tasting the wrong cookie at first!

The cookie didn’t taste bad at all, but it didn’t exactly match the expectations that I had. I really think that I would have preferred it if the cookie tasted bad instead of plain. At least then, it would feel like more effort was put into it! It really was just a disappointing collaboration overall. 

If you want to support Gaga and her endeavors, then go ahead and buy the Oreos. However, if you’re expecting a unique flavor combination, or at least something different than standard vanilla, then I would recommend against purchasing it. The Chromatica Oreos just did not live up to the hype—plain and simple!

Mikaela is a current student of Virginia Commonwealth University.
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