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My Final Reflection, From Your HCVCU President 2024

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Where do I even start? 

I guess we can go back to 2021, when Her Campus at VCU wanted to follow me on Instagram at the beginning of my second semester of freshman year. I remember it as clear as day, sitting in the family van about to move some of my stuff back in from winter break. Because of the pandemic, I didn’t have the opportunity to branch out and easily find student organizations to join. But what immediately intrigued me about Her Campus was the “girlhood” aspect of it all. You see, I know in my heart of hearts I was and never would be a sorority type of person, but I wanted to belong to a group that championed female empowerment and also brought opportunities for people to expand their skill sets. To find an organization like Her Campus that allowed me to have a creative outlet and encouraged women to express themselves was monumental. I also had just made the decision to change my major from forensic science to political science and mass communications. A new start, with a new organization and new opportunities was needed. 

I was incredibly nervous to apply, let alone put myself out there. But there was something I learned from the entire application and interview process that I continue to take with me today: Play to your strengths and be enthusiastic. I don’t think I would have gotten a spot on the team if I didn’t show how much I admired what Her Campus does. More importantly, I don’t think I would be where I am today without embracing and expressing my love for the organization. I knew that my ambitions would lead me to becoming the president of this organization. I knew it was something I aspired to be. In my heart of hearts, I wanted to make a difference in my members’ lives by providing them with ample opportunities to collaborate with big name brand organizations, practicing their PR social media skills, and garnering skills they would need in their future careers. I also wanted my editorial members to feel complete support from me and the PR team through pushing their stories on our socials and celebrating each person’s achievements. And I think it’s safe to say that I accomplished most things that I set out for. 

As I sit here writing my farewell piece, it’s incredible to me how many people I’ve met, the connections I’ve made, and everything I’ve learned from being a member to holding leadership. I’ve grown so much in this position, as a leader and a person. If you were to tell me that I would lead at least 20+ meetings a year, become slightly (and I mean slightly) more confident in public speaking, and grow this organization to its fullest potential (with more room to grow, of course), I would truly have not believed you. If anything, this position has taught me how to quiet down my inner critic and to be committed to the cause because if you show up and believe in what an organization can be, others will too. I don’t think there are truly any more words to describe my admiration and appreciation for this organization. 

To my current and past members: Thank you for sticking around, thank you for applying to be a part of this amazing organization. Even though some of you have gone or have graduated, I hope you know I am always rooting for you. You make what we do possible.

To my executive team: Thank you for running the show of your respective teams. Your hard work, commitment, and passion for this organization shines through and I can’t thank you enough for spearheading our subteams. Even though I know it isn’t easy, your continued trust in me and creativity to make Her Campus at VCU better is inspiring. 

To my VP, Katherine: Your continuous support and check-ins enabled me and this organization to stay afloat. Thank you for your weekly emails, keeping track of attendance, and for our little chats after meetings. You keep me sane. 

And finally, to Emily, our Editor-in-Chief: You rock. Literally. I can’t believe I have shared this journey with you for two years. Thank you for being the best editor in chief I’ve known. You  have worked tirelessly to promote, help, and guide the editorial team and that does not go unnoticed. 

With that, Her Campus at VCU, you have been everything I wanted and more. I love you. 

Kiya Lawler is HCVCU's President and is double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University. In her free time she loves to read, listen to music, and watch TV.