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My Fall Playlist And 10 Songs You Should Add To Yours

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

As the cool breeze begins to work its way through the streets of Richmond and our beloved campus, I think we can all collectively agree that we are wholeheartedly ready for Fall! Since I consider myself to be a tad bit obsessive over all things Fall, I thought it would be best to help you get your Fall playlist locked and loaded for a pumpkin spice and sweater-filled October. So, go ahead and open up Spotify, Apple Music or whatever streaming app you prefer, and get ready to add some crispy tunes to your playlist for the best Fall vibes imaginable! 

When I first got my hands on Apple Music back in 2018, I immediately began creating playlists for all seasons, moods, and genres. I can confidently say that the playlist I share and get positive feedback on the most is my playlist simply titled ‘Fall!’ The major genre that I would say takes the lead in my fall playlist is Alternative Folk. Some of my favorite artists that are featured include The Lumineers, Hozier, Kaleo, Caamp and many more. That being said, this playlist is perfect to listen to for a walk to class in the city, a drive up to the mountains or just relaxing in your pumpkin candle-lit bedroom. Below are 10 songs that I think deserve a feature and an immediate add to your old or brand new fall playlist after you finish reading this article! 

Check out my playlist here!

Hummed Low – Odessa

Taking first place, this song by Odessa is absolutely perfect for that drive up to the mountains that I mentioned above! I added this song to my playlist last year after hearing it at a diner near Shenandoah.

All the Debts I Owe – Caamp

As much as I love every Caamp song, this one is by far my favorite. The overall rhythm and flow of this song are what make it an outstanding contender for the upcoming season. Enjoy!

Ho Hey – The Lumineers

I will admit it was hard to pick just one Lumineers song to include on this list, but I think this one takes the cake. It’s perfect for those romantic fall vibes that we all need a little bit of in our lives!

Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke

Twilight fans will know that this song is the best for a rainy, cold, fall day. I think Edward Cullen would agree!

Pieces – Jardier

Jardier, a lesser-known artist, produced this song in 2015. I found it two years ago, and love listening to it while I’m walking to class!

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

Taken from the Scream movie series, this absolute classic is perfect for those spooky vibes as Halloween approaches!

Kampfire Vampire – Gerry Cinnamon

I obviously had to include a song with a monster in the title. Another lesser-known artist, Gerry Cinnamon absolutely hit it off the charts with this one!

4runner – Brenn!

Although this song just recently came out and took over TikTok, I think it’s perfect for a fall drive or a cold evening in.

The Story I Heard – Blind Pilot

My favorite parts of this song are the instrumentals! It’s great for a reflection walk in a fluffy sweater or your favorite flannel.

Way Down We Go – Kaleo

If I had to choose a song to represent my ideal “model walk” theme song, this would be it. It’s so perfectly dramatic, spooky and folk-fueled and I love it!

Cheyenne Bellair is an aspiring public relations professional and a current junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. She plans to graduate in 2025 and obtain a career in the public relations industry, working for an in-house agency. Recently, she has interned with the Orange County Downtown Alliance and local newspapers, such as The Somerset Front Porch, to better her experience and enhance her writing skills. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing the piano! Some of her favorite stories to cover involve her own musical interests and live bands that are featured locally in Richmond, VA.