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Moments From ‘Love is Blind’ That Altered My Brain Chemistry

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Reality dating shows are all the craze right now, especially since Netflix is popping them out left and right. As far as reality television goes, “Love is Blind” stood out to me when the first season came out in 2020. For those of you unfamiliar with the reality dating show, “Love is Blind” is a social experiment where singles look for love without ever seeing the other person.

The show follows 15 men and 15 women from the same metropolitan area who date in “pods” in which they can speak to one another but cannot see each other. Couples who form relationships in the pods become engaged and meet one another in person. The show follows their relationships as they live together, meet each other’s families and plan their wedding. At the end of the month, couples decide to get married or depart ways. 

As a college student, I wonder how much appearance affects our potential to form meaningful relationships. “Love is Blind” has resulted in couples that are still together today but the show has also produced its fair share of tumultuous relationships. In honor of the new season of “Love is Blind,” here are moments from the previous seasons that have “altered my brain chemistry” (phrase coined by TikTok — IYKYK). 

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Shake asking women for their weight

Full transparency, this made me lose a bit of hope in the experiment. The show is literally called “Love is Blind” and Shake started asking women whether or not he’d be able to carry them on his shoulders. The whole point of the show is to fall in love without judging based on physical appearance.

Don’t come on “Love is Blind” if physical factors such as weight are a deal breaker for you. Major red flag on Shake’s part and foreshadowing of his bad behavior throughout the show. Team Deepti all the way. 

Brennon convincing Alexa’s dad to let her marry him

To me, this was one of the best moments in all of the seasons. Alexa’s dad was concerned that Brennon would not be able to support Alexa financially, so she could continue the lifestyle she was used to.

He responded with, “I’ll work every day to give her the best life she deserves.” If that isn’t a goal, I don’t know what is. Alexa and Brennon are hands down one of my favorite couples from “Love is Blind.” 

Jessica feeding her dog wine 

This does not necessarily have anything to do with the show but Jessica feeding her dog wine definitely altered my brain chemistry. It honestly did not surprise me as she continued to drink from the same glass. Not to mention, this was in the midst of a full-blown argument with her fiancé. Jeez, Jessica. 

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Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
Andrew using eye drops to fake cry for the cameras 

Honestly, I don’t have many words for this one. It was a good reminder to viewers that reality television does have people who are coming on the show for fame or other reasons than finding a genuine connection. Bullet dodged for Nancy, honestly. 

Bartise speaking to Nancy about his attraction to Raven. 

There are levels of disrespect and this one just broke the scale. Telling your fiancé that he finds another girl a “smoke show” is beyond disrespectful, especially when trying to grow your connection with your fiancé. Sigh. 

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If you are on the fence about watching “Love is Blind,” I honestly would say watch it. It made me think more about how I approach dating and honestly taught me how to look for red flags.

With that being said, reality television can make people look a lot better or worse. It’s meant for entertainment at the end of the day.

I will say once you start the show, you can’t stop. Needless to say, binge-watching season four is my current plan for the weekend. Wishing you a relaxing week ahead. You got this. 



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