Meet Megan Wilson, "Sweet Sauce" Blog

For this year’s Mid-Atlantic Conference, we are more than excited to have Megan Wilson as one of our keynote speakers! Megan is the creator of Sweet Sauce blog. Her blog is geared towards four different categories: style, travel, wellness and lifestyle. Megan is now 31, and a University of Richmond graduate. Though her professional focus outside of her blog is marketing, she did not enter the business school. Instead, she took a few business classes on the side to get what she needed and kept up with her creative writing. I had the pleasure of meeting Megan at her favorite coffee shop and workspace, Shockoe Expresso and Roastery, and here are some things we discussed!

What prompted you to become a blogger?

"When I graduated college, I landed a typical job. The job luckily had a great salary but I needed some form of creative release. First creating this blog, I did not even know what the f*** a fashion blog was, it was just out of pure interest. Like why not share my lifestyle with others?"

Megan also used her blog to gain confidence to pursue more freelance work because upon graduating from U of R in 2009, the recession was hitting and being a writer full time was not going to cut it. 

Experience and background?

Being in the marketing realm for now ten years and with the past four years dedicating more time to her blog, Megan has accomplished a lot in a short time. She has written for RVA Magazine, contributed to many other organizations as a freelance writer and has worked for a non-profit organization early in her career.

“At the non-profit, I worked in the marketing area and was responsible for developing the company’s social media. In 2009 social media was not as big as it was now, I don’t think Instagram was even created so this clearly was a huge deal."

What’s next for you and your career?

Megan's marketing work continues to grow. Megan told me she plans on opening up her very own marketing agency! Though much of this is still private in terms of details.

“I want to serve as an anchor," Megan explains.

She likes the idea of working with talented people in the area, with expertise in photography, PR and writing. She likes the idea of working remotely and wants to allow that to be an option to those who work for her but still with her being in support to them.

What makes you unique in this age of blogging as a lifestyle?

“I feel very unique in this business because not only have I become an influencer working with big brands, I have also helped brands work with others. Since I’ve done this I know how this all works from both sides. It’s important to own what you’re good at, without being rude." 

Megan talked a lot about the importance of authenticity. She expressed that when making this blog it would always be fun, and allowed her to be genuine and not have this job as additional stress. Something she feels everyone should follow in their own lifestyle.

What keeps you sane in your busy day-to-day life?

“I’ve been through some shit and it’s gotten me to a place of feeling content, some women never find it and some it might take them a while to find their peace."

 This was said when Megan we talked about the idea of having to just say no sometimes.  She makes sure she doesn’t overbook herself, while also scheduling in her workouts, health and wellness needs and taking moments just for herself. She also made it clear that when she puts things on her blog it isn’t for women to feel they need to do everything she posts, rather just to have a list of things that are available to try. Stressing the point that, “your life is is entirely up to you."

Lastly, for fun I asked Megan what it is she always keeps on her...

“Headphones, wireless specifically and they happen to be magnetic. They keep me focused when its time for work, allow me to sleep anywhere, no matter how loud it is, you name it. I just love music."

Megan proceeded to show me her drugstore lip gloss that she keeps with her at all times, a replica of a more expensive Sephora one that is no longer made and her computer in a cute pink/rose gold slipcase.

Talking to Megan was nothing short of authentic and inspirational. I was in awe of her success, passion and confidence when talking about things she has already accomplished as well as her future plans. Don’t forget to check out Megan’s blog for some amazing lifestyle tips and inspo!

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