Kissable Lips For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday filled with love, whether celebrating with a significant other or with friends. Valentine's Day, however, also falls during the winter when the cold air sucks all the moisture out of our skin. For me, my lips are the first part of my body where I feel the dryness the most. When my lips are chapped, I have three go-to things I do that helps bring them back to life:

1.) Drink Water

The most important piece of advice that I can give that will just improve everything about your body in general is to drink water. You can put as much ChapStick on your lips, but the lip masks and balms will only help the surface. Water will not only improve the moisture in your lips, but it will help with the condition of the rest of your skin as well!​

2.) Lip Mask

While water helps internally, lip masks help relieve physical dryness and maintain plump lips. My personal favorite is Laneige's Lip Sleep Mask. The pot is $20, but you get a lot product, and trust me, a little goes an extremely long way. Use the little spatula to spread the product on your lips before bed and wake up with the smoothest lips you've ever had. I also use this during the day as a lip balm as well and it leaves a glossy finish without feeling sticky. 

3.) Lip Gloss

Matte lips had their glory back in 2017, but glossy lips are making a comeback. Glosses tend to be sticky and uncomfortable to wear, but the Buxom lip glosses ($21) are extremely smooth and moisturizing without the sticky feel. More importantly, these lip glosses are plumping and get rid of any fine lines on your lips for the supple look. Once the lip gloss fades, your lips are left moisturized and fuller. 

Hope these helpful tips and products revive those dry winter lips and make them kissable for Valentine's Day!

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