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Key Accessories to Have For Fall 2020

If you haven’t learned that accessories can make or break your outfit...then, you’re in the right place. The power of accessorizing is a key element to your style success. You can wear the same outfit over and over without getting tired of the look. There is a serious leveling up that comes with accessorizing, especially when trends are cheap and easy to hunt. The cherry on top of your looks this fall will depend on the colors and intentions of the look, but here are some of the accessories that I am most looking forward to this fall 2020.


There’s a variety of headwear to choose from this season. Berets, padded headbands, headscarves and bandanas are all good additions that can refresh your wardrobe this fall. If you haven’t noticed, the people of Richmond do not mess around when it comes to style in the streets. So hop over to your local thrift and hunt for some of these bad-hair-day saving trendy items. Embrace your inner Blair Waldorf this fall. 


Lately, pearls have really been calling out to me, and I think you all should listen too. Pearls are timeless and classic, but adding them to a casual walk-to-class outfit can add a hint of sophistication. Pearls aren’t your style? There is always reliable silver and gold. Silver and gold are good separately but keep in mind that it can bring some fun to stacking rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Up until last year, I thought mixing metals was forbidden. A friend of mine then explained to me that it was, indeed, not illegal. 


From backpacks and purses to fanny packs and clutches, tiny is still in. Small vintage purses that you can pop on your shoulder are easy to find in Richmond’s thrift shops. When it comes to prints, animals and metallics will be a go-to in the fall. Tiny clutches with big bold prints or decor will be a good addition to spice up an outfit as well.


Big buckles, chains and primary colors are the belt trends for the upcoming season. Big buckles have been popular since the wild, wild west. Well, they are riding back into town this fall. Not only can bodacious belts draw attention to the figure and waist by cinching the garment, but they also can add to color and pattern. Neutral colored belts are always a good thing to have in your closet for fall, but this fall, the colors are bold. Looking for some royal blues or bright reds can provide a last-minute pop of color.

Entering a new season of fashion with new trends can be intimidating. You don't have to buy new clothes to change your wardrobe, but adding a few new accessories can make you feel like you did. Don't fear fashion research. It is ok to get inspiration because we all need it. Find some looks similar to what you're going for and see how they were accessorized. Accessorizing is also all about adding your personal touch. Make a statement with your jewelry or stack the belts and hats to the sky. Whatever you can do that will make your outfit scream your name and makes you feel like you own the accessory game. A little dash of you can make any fit phenomenal. 


Ray Wondracek is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Fashion Design. They have been passionate about fashion from a very early age. You can probably always find them in a thrift store, binging "New Girl", or sewing.
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