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Jordan Peele Brings Back The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone originally aired from 1958 until 1964. The show lasted five seasons, running on CBS network and is entirely black and white! Episodes of the show vary from fantasy and science fiction to suspense, horror and psychological thriller. It was written and narrated by Rod Serling. The Twilight Zone is still one of the most popular television shows that have aired, inspiring many shows that have followed. Since the original, there have been two reboots that were not heightened in popularity but in December 2017, CBS All Access revealed that Jordan Peele would be creating a third revival. It is not clear on whether episodes from Peele will be based on Serling's original, but the narrating and general idea of the show will be the same. It is also not known if this will be a continuous series but with the popularity of his genre and Peele as a writer, it is highly anticipated. 

Jordan Peele is an American actor, comedian and filmmaker. Though he had his breakout in 2003, it has been in recent years he has had his large rise to fame. In 2017 he had his debut film "Get Out" and now in 2019 his recent hit "Us." Both films are in the horror/psychological thriller genre which is why his revival of The Twilight Zone is exciting to many. His 10 episode season will feature a large variety of well-known celebrities with the first episode having well-known actor, Tracy Morgan. Jordan Peele could not be more perfect for this revival of the popular show. Rob Serling, a white man in the 50’s, was iconic for what he did at the time. He brought in elements of racism, government, human activity and societal issues revealing the horror in the real world. With Peele’s latest adaptations in film, he has a very similar approach to what he symbolizes.

For those of that have never watched The Twilight Zone and are unsure what to expect, Netflix currently has the Rod Serling originals! Additionally, fans of Black Mirror are also excited for the reboot. Black Mirror is a popular series on Netflix that began in 2011. Upon its release, it was called contemporary reworking of “The Twilight Zone," having stories that create uneasy feelings and thoughts about the real world. Similar to the Twilight Zone, there are episodes based around normal activity sneaking in unease and unfortunate events.

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