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Jessica’s Wardrobe: Stay Warm with a Trendy Jacket

Ladies, it’s about that time of the year to switch our wardrobe from shorts, tank tops and sandals, to pants, sweaters, jackets and boots. But fall can still be fun with layering, breaking out our scarves, and cute jackets for cooler days. Jackets are great accessories for a cute fall look, and they are a necessity, especially with all the walking we do as college students. Here are some great must-have jackets for the fall and even the winter months.

  • The first is the classic blazer, it’s great to have this style of jacket in a basic color like black or tan, but also a great pattern or pop of color like pink or red can be worn all the time. For colder days, throw on a sweater or thick long sleeve underneath, with a scarf, a great pair of skinnies or boyfriend jeans, any shoe, and you’ll have an easy yet cute fall look.
  • Another classic style is a jean jacket or vest. This is a great ending to a casual look; they come in different washes, cuts, and colors. This is a style that will always be around no matter the year or time of year. You can wear the jacket or vest over anything from a basic t-shirt, jeans (denim on denim is hot), and flats, to crazy printed tights, a flowy chiffon top and wedges. Always keep this style of jacket around, don’t throw it out because you’ll always end up buying one again and again.


  • This style is a bit outside of the box for some girls, but whether you’re conservative, fashion forward, or have a punk rock style this jacket will look great and make a simple outfit look amazing. It’s a leather of faux leather motorcycle jacket. Most of the styles come in black, but I’ve also seen moron, grey, and even yellow, all of the colors are great selections. You can wear this jacket out at night over a dress and killer heels or wedges or you can wear it during the day with any and everything, from jeans to printed pants, button up tops, leggings, loafers, chic flats, or oxfords.
  • This style is classic, and everyone looks good in it. It’s the trench coat, preferably a shorter one that stops just at the hips or the bottom in a neutral tan, a pop of color, or even a print like a leopard or polka dot. This is a cute, traditional look, and great protectant against those crazy rainy days, while also being stylish and complementary to a woman’s body with the belted waist. Place this over any outfit you may have on for a rainy day.

  • A pea coat is a jacket you can’t go wrong with, it’s stylish and the mid-thigh length is just perfect. With all these styles of jackets, especially this one, try an unexpected color, texture, or print! I love this jacket because when it’s cold and with it being so long, what you have on under doesn’t even really matter. Put on a great pair of boots or loafers, dark wash skinnies, and a thick scarf for really cold days and you will look sophisticated and clean.

Fall is a great time for layering and an excuse to go shopping! Make sure to have these jackets in your closet so you can stay warm and look your best this season!

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