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Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas for your Significant Other

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

The holiday season is starting up and you want to give your significant other (S.O.) an amazing present. But being in college means a tight budget. Here are a few tips to inspire you for cheaper gift ideas.

Coupon book

A homemade coupon book is such an easy way to show your S.O. how much you care! Cut some construction paper into any shape you would like: rectangle, square or even an ornament shape to go along with the holiday theme. Make the shape large enough to be able to write what your coupon is for. On each separate shape, write your coupon. It could be simple things such as a massage, washing dishes after eating together or maybe offering to stay in and having a movie night. Be creative. Make an extra shape to make a cover for your coupon book. Next, stack the coupons together and punch a hole in the top center of the coupons (If the stack is too thick, do it in groups). Put the coupons together, with the cover on top, and use a decorative ribbon or yarn to tie the booklet together. Your S.O will love the creativity put into the gift and can use it not just for that day, but throughout the year.

Online Coupons
Online coupon sites, such as Livingsocial.com and Groupon.com, have become are everywhere! Sign
up for these sites and stay updated on their special offers. The coupons include specials on restaurants, massages, spa days, go-kart racing, movie tickets, and trips. They also have sections for gifts and adventures. Take advantage of these money saving opportunities and use these coupons to help get your S.O. an amazing and fun present for the holidays.Hopefully these tips have helped you! These gift ideas don’t have to just be used during the holiday season, but even for your S.O.’s birthday and for anniversaries.

Do you know how to knit or crochet? You want to learn? This is a perfect time for you to try
a newcraft! With the cold weather drawing near, keep your loved one warm and make them a comfy scarf. You can learn from friends, family or Youtube videos. Not only will your S.O. be impressed that it’s homemade, but if you justlearned how to knit or crochet, your S.O. will also be surprised and appreciate the time you took to learn a new trade and make this gift.

Homemade Dinner
Show off your culinary skills and make your significant other’s favorite dish for a scrumptious dinner. Or maybe you want to try something new and surprise your S.O. with a fancy meal. Check online for some great food recipes. www.foodgawker.com  has a variety of food recipes and pictures; everyone always wants to know how the food looks like. To set the mood, play some Christmas music during dinner to top it off.

Remember, this holiday season is about the gift of giving. Make sure your present for your significant other comes from the heart. Happy holidays!

Mymy Dinh is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, pursuing a career in pharmacy. Born on January 20, 1992, she is the second oldest out of 5 children. She is also majoring in science with a double minor in chemistry and biology. She enjoys volunteer work, being around her family, organizing desks and rooms, shopping, meeting new people, and traveling.