I'm Contemplating Getting Plastic Surgery at 21, Here's Why

I never really envisioned myself ever getting plastic surgery, at least not at this age. In high school, I also wondered what I would look like with a different nose, but then was introduced to the world of makeup and began contouring my nose to make it look kind of how I wanted it to look. It wasn’t until recently that I have seriously considered going under the knife (or needle) to change how I look. 



For the past year, I have been contemplating changing how I look via plastic surgery and injections. The three procedures I was and am still considering are rhinoplasty (nose job), lip injections and under-eye injections (tear trough). I even went as so far as to get a consultation for rhinoplasty at a local plastic surgeon’s office. Although I still haven’t decided if I want to go through with one or all of these procedures, even if two of them are semi-permanent. 


If you have recently read any of my articles, you would know that I recently went through a breakup. After the break up was when I really became serious about these procedures. I had always contemplated them during the relationship I was in, but since being on my own and single I have begun seriously considering them more than before, which is one of the reasons I may not want to go through with them. 


I don’t want to get any of these procedures done as a “look-at-me-now” kind of revenge towards my ex or anyone for that matter. If and when I get any of these procedures done, I want them to be for me and only me, no one else. I don’t want to do anything to myself for anyone but myself, and that’s why I am having such a hard time deciding if I want to go through with these procedures.



I have never loved my nose. When I look at myself from a profile I always stare at the same small hump on the bridge of my nose. It’s not a huge bump, but it's not a perfect bunny-tail-slope nose like all the pictures I compare my nose too. I want to love the nose I have and accept that it’s mine and I should love it, and I try to, but if something about myself is bothering me that much, should I just change it? Or should I learn to love and accept myself for who I am? All I know is I don’t want to live my life having this hatred for my nose and look back asking myself why I didn’t just go through with this change rather than resenting how I look.


Lip Injections

When Kylie Jenner’s lips took over the Internet I was in high school. At the time I didn’t think anything of my own lips other than they were my lips. But as time went on and I tried to take the perfect selfie, I realized maybe my lips could use a little work. For one, my lower lip is significantly larger and plumper than my upper lip. If I were to get lip injections, it would be to even out my lips and add a little plumpness to them. 

Under Eye Injections

Unlike some people who have an overall tan complexion from head to toe, I do not. Naturally, my skin is pretty fair and because of that, my under eye bags tend to show more than other’s do. Because of that, the third procedure I have considering going under the needle for in vain of beauty is under eye injections, known as Tear Trough injections. This injection would go under my eyes and not only cover up some of the darkness I have from my under eye bags, but it would also smooth out the area underneath from the wrinkles I have.  


Like I said before, since going through a breakup, I have been further considering these procedures more than before, and I’m not sure if it is because of the breakup that is the reason for the more serious contemplation. I don’t want to make any rash decisions and that is why I still have not followed through with any of these. 


If you are considering changing something about yourself permanently or semi-permanently, just know that it’s okay to wait and take your time deciding if you want to go through with this decision. 


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