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How TikTok Has Changed Sustainable Clothes Shopping

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I’m sure many of you use the popular social media app, TikTok—as do I. On this app, information around social justice issues such as poverty, body positivity and the environment are spread at a fast rate. In regard to the environment, Gen Z has been shifting the way they buy, make and wear clothes to further help the earth. 

“Canceling” of fast-fashion brands

Many different brands have been blacklisted by TikTok users such as Dolls Kill, Fashion Nova, Nasty Gal and Missguided. These brands essentially put their textile workers through inhumane conditions to make quick, cheap clothing, according to earth.org. This dangerous trend is causing overconsumption of materials and slowly polluting the Earth with plastic microfibers, according to the Princeton Student Climate Initiative. 

A rise in thrifting vintage clothes 

There has been an immense rise in the number of people shopping daily at thrift stores. The benefits of this way of consumption include an overall reduction in waste and water use. It’s estimated that over 400 gallons of water are used to produce the cotton for just one t-shirt, according to Goodwill

The increase in “flipping” clothes

TikTok users and influencers have also been revolutionizing fashion by simply making their own clothes with different pieces of fabric through sewing and safety pins. This is known as ‘flipping’ and has become a craze. A few influencers that you may want to follow for inspiration are @111threads, @ysabelhilado and @yvonneandmitchel. 

These are all ways that TikTok influencers and everyday users have been monumentally changing the way we see clothes while simultaneously saving the planet. You may be wondering, “how can I help the environment?”—this is just one of the many ways that also makes you feel and look good. 

Chloe Hawkins currently attends VCU pursuing a major in Mass Communications with a focus in digital journalism and a minor in history. She has many interests including politics, the environment, and education. Her main goal while writing for HERCampus is to connect with more people in the Richmond area.
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