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Is there a right time for love? Everyone has their own method of dating, some jump right into one relationship after another, while others may wait years before visiting that chapter in their lives again. But is there such a thing as “too soon?” To answer that question, you may need to answer a few questions yourself.

Being in love with a person doesn’t automatically stop when a breakup occurs. If so, that would save us a lot of time and heartache. There are many ways to cope after a breakup like overeating, exercising, picking up a new hobby or venting to close friends… and then there’s the “rebound” (some of those methods are healthier than others). 

Is This a Rebound?

The rebound is the person who provides instant gratification. They aren’t meant to heal you completely, they’re like a band-aid a very loose band-aid that will fall off soon. Most people know when their being used as the rebound if they are looking for something “more casual” like yourself than everything should work-out. However, if you’re hooking up with someone who is looking for more than casual hook-ups then it would be best if you made it clear about what you want from them, don’t leave people feeling used because you’re hurting. If it is a one-night thing than everything should be fine.

Nothing is wrong with rebounding after a relationship we all need a little pick me up after falling on our faces.

Are You Mentioning your ex Too Much? 

At times it’s hard to not bring up someone that you spent the majority of your time with. Especially, when you notice that your new guy leaves all the kitchen cabinet doors open too. Something may slip out like, “oh yeah, my ex use to do this too.” If you catch yourself mentioning all the negative things that your ex did, you may need to reevaluate where your emotions are because it might not be fully invested in your new babe.

Speaking on your ex is inevitable, but it should not be an excessive amount.

Are You Running Away From Yourself?

Everyone needs a little me time, sometimes that can last for a day or maybe even weeks. Running away from your feelings isn’t helping the situation when your dating around to prevent yourself from being alone. A lot of positives can come from being alone.

There is a season for everything and sometimes you will go through that season of loneliness. If that season is avoided one might pair up with someone that is inadequate or even toxic. If you don’t feel like you are in control of your feelings than you probably aren’t. At that moment, you should sit back and analyze why you’re having such a hard time with being alone.

Did You Listen to Your Gut?

When you know you know, being a hopeless romantic is a real thing but before entering a new relationship you will know if this is what you really want. You might not have an entire 5-year plan, but your intuition will tell you if this is the right person or not. It does not help to lie to yourself about your feeling. No one knows you but you, so be faithful to yourself 

How Does This Look on Paper?

A little exercise that can be useful is to grab paper and pen and list out what you are willing to offer someone in a relationship then list out what you need from the other person. Doing this exercise, you’ll learn about what you need and whether or not you’re giving out more than what your receiving or vice versa. 

Checking in with yourself is vital to your mental stability. This is why self-care is so important. There is not a set time that one should wait to get into a relationship, but you must be honest about your intentions. If you aren’t ready, it is still okay to date. Let the other party know what you’re doing if you are dating multiple. In all, love yourself.

Season of Loneliness Hobbies

Start a blog



Attend classes 

Hang with friends

Be in nature

You know that skill that you forgot you had… Pick that back up 

Learn to cook

Spend time with relatives

Be around people who love you


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