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Browser extensions and coupon sites are helpful if you do most of your shopping online. Some extensions can compare prices, provide you coupon codes and they can even give you cash back. 


After asking my friends their favorite coupon sites or browser extensions, they gave me a variety of helpful suggestions.


Honey was a popular suggestion that was followed by gasps and murmurs of agreement by my friends. From the praise it was getting, I was curious to find out why so many people enjoyed using the app. It became my first guinea pig. I started my experiment by googling what Honey was and how to use the highly praised shopping browser. Adding the extension was free and super painless, and as someone who has little to no knowledge of computers, I appreciated how easy it was to download. The site advertises that you can find coupons in seconds. All you have to do is shop, and Honey will find and add coupons for you at checkout. 

I like to save items in my cart when I shop, even if I’m not planning on purchasing anything at that moment. Sometimes I like to see how expensive my taste can get. When I opened Urban Outfitters to try the coupons at checkout, Honey popped up and immediately began working to find coupons for my items. The only downside is that Honey only works at certain shops, so if your favorite shops don’t have a partnership with Honey you won’t be able to reap the benefits.


Shoptagr was my second patient in this experiment. Various Youtubers I follow have recommended the browser extension or were sponsored by the company. Seeing that it was popular with people who made fashion and clothing their jobs, I was eager to see how the app would fare with me. After downloading the app, it took me through a quick tutorial and showed me all the various tools it provides. Shoptagr allows users to save their favorite items from different shops and the app will notify you when they go on sale or even if it sells out. 

The browser also provides users with a live coupon feed of coupon codes from supported shops. I also liked how Shoptagr was supported by many of my favorite shops. The browser also has a page where you can look at your saved items and links to shops that support Shoptagr. For those of you who use Apple products and prefer to use Safari rather than Chrome, you can download this browser extension on both platforms. So far this coupon extension has proved to be my favorite.


Wikibuy is another browser extension that’s a lot like Shoptagr. They provide coupon codes and compare prices from one retailer to another. What’s nice about Wikibuy is they cater towards retail stores and other stores. You can use this extension on Amazon, Kohls and other electronic stores. 

Wikibuy also allows you to save money beyond coupons; when you shop using Wikibuy you can get savings and points that can be redeemed for a gift card or a list of products. You can download this browser extension using Safari, Chrome and Firefox.  


RetailMeNot, unlike the other coupon companies we’ve talked about, is not a browser extension. Instead, the website allows users to search different shops and informs them if the website is having a sale or if there are available coupons. RetailMeNot also caters towards other platforms, not just clothing shops. They have coupons for Papa John’s, Advance Auto Parts and other non-retail stores. The website provides online coupons, printable coupons, gift cards and they have different category of stores that you can search. 

This was probably the least tech savvy website; unlike Shoptagr, RetailMeNot didn’t have flashy tools. I thought that they were losing out on customers because it wasn’t a browser extension, but they made up for it by providing coupons from other stores that aren’t retail stores. This could be a useful site for someone who doesn’t always shop retail and likes to save their money in all aspects of their life. 


Concluding my experiment I found that Shoptagr was the most useful option for my shopping experience and lifestyle. The browser extension was useful for me because I am constantly searching for products that can improve my wardrobe. I like how you can save products from different websites and be informed whenever the item goes on sale or if they have a coupon for the product. Also, seeing all of my favorite products together would make it easier to understand what kind of products I need in my closet i.e. if I need more turtlenecks or pants for the upcoming cold. While this may work for my lifestyle, other coupon sites could work better for you. Start by trying out each website and experimenting with each one like I did, this can help you figure out which site works best for your lifestyle. Happy shopping!


Sarah is a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University and is majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Fashion Merchandising. Sarah enjoys reading, writing, and discussing sustainable fashion brands. Sarah spends most of her time, and money, on Depop fueling her shopping addiction. Follow her on instagram @Sarah_parker9 and Twitter @_parker_9
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