How to Get the Creeper to Stop Talking to You

So you made a mistake. You gave your number to a boy and now he won’t stop texting you. 

Here are some foolproof ways to get that annoying creep to leave you alone.

1. Be straightforward

Just tell him straight up that he needs to leave you alone. It’s the best thing to do so you can stop wasting each others time. This is the grown-up way of handling the situation. If you take this route, I’m super proud.

2. Get a decoy

This works for just about every situation where someone tries hitting on you.  This is a very nice way of letting him down easy. Tell them you’re already seeing someone.  He’s bound to get the picture.

3. Ignore him

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.  He will see how uninterested you are in him and then he will stop. 

4.  Block him

This is probably the fastest way of getting someone out of your virtual life.  If you don’t care about ever seeing this person again, block him.  It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

5. Scare him

If one thing scares men more than having to watch a Sex and the City marathon, it’s commitment. So let him know all of your future plans to marry him and how many kids you’ll have. He will surely run for it.  

6. Tell him that you’re just too busy

We’ve all done it. Make an excuse to not to talk to him. Tell him you have to study and you keep your phone off during class. Or that you left your phone at your apartment. Eventually he will catch on and see that you don’t care to talk to him.

7.  Send him photos of Lindsay Lohan

If all else fails, bombard him with photos of Lindsay Lohan. This would confuse and frighten anyone away. You're welcome.