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How to Date Your High School Sweetheart In College

It’s your senior year of high school and you’ve been dating the love of your life for a while. This guy is your best friend and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. The bittersweet summer between your senior year of high school and freshman year of college quickly approaches and it is time to make that decision of how you are going to continue your relationship in college. Here are some tips to keep your relationship healthy and happy while you and your high school sweetheart experience your best four years at the same college.

Get involved in different things:

Don’t join the same exact clubs. Find something you enjoy and make sure your significant other does the same. Join an organization that can be your social outlet that is separate from your boyfriend. This way you can make your own friends and have your own experiences in college.

Make time for each other:

Yes, it is important to both get involved in different things, but it is also important to make time for each other. Go to parties together, go on dates and still act like a couple even though college is a new experience for the both of you. You’ll need each other for support through all the stress college brings.

Explore your college town together:

Have dates where you choose something new to do once a week. Keep the relationship exciting by trying new restaurants and local hangouts in your new town!

Be understanding:

Make sure you are understanding of your significant other’s time. You might not be able to hang out as much as you could in high school because college can be demanding. Be mindful of their studying and of their new social life. Make plans in advance so you don’t run into being let down when they cannot hang out because they need to study for a big test the next day.


Balance is what really is key to keeping your high school relationship alive. Spend time together, but don’t make your entire lives about each other. It is important to have your own independent college experience, but still make sure you have enough time to keep your love alive.

It is possible to date your high school love in college. You only have to make a few adjustments and everything will fall into place!

Hello! My name is Natalie Quinn and I am a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am a print journalism major. I love to spend my time writing in my journal, watching netflix and looking at pictures of corgis. :) 
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