The Holidays as "Stranger Things" Characters

With the chilly weather comes the anticipation of the holiday season. But that isn’t the only season that everyone is excited about: the hit show “Stranger Things” has been announced for a second season in 2017. And what's better than everyone’s favorite show being renewed? Combining it with favorite holidays! Because the world needs to know which character would be Valentine’s Day. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Thanksgiving - Barb

Both Thanksgiving and Barb are highly underrated and often forgotten. Sure, Thanksgiving gets students out of school and has a nice meal, but as it is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas it is often overlooked. Likewise, Barb was Nancy’s best friend but she was ignored and often forgotten. Everyone was too worried about their love triangles and finding Will to care about poor Barb.

2. Christmas – Joyce

Lovable and obsessed with twinkle lights, Joyce and Christmas go hand in hand. God knows that when Thanksgiving is over (or even before) we go just as crazy as her with Christmas decorating.

3. New Years – Nancy

New Years is a time to make resolutions and make changes. Nancy is the embodiment of this mentality. She goes from being an average teenager worried about winning the heart of the school heartthrob, Steve, to kicking ass in the Upsidedown.

4. Valentine’s Day – Steve

Steve really just wanted to find love. Yeah, he had to fight monsters but he really was just there for the girl. You can’t help but to feel happy for him when he ends up with Nancy, even if you are #teamJohnathan.

5. Saint Patrick’s Day – Chief Hopper

In America, this holiday is mainly for drinking. Hopper constantly is drinking or hungover which makes him perfect for St. Paddy’s.

6. April Fool’s – Dustin

Dustin is hilarious. His great sense of humor partnered with his down to earth attitude and with how much everyone loves him allows him to be the perfect April Fools. And there is no denying he would be able to do excellent pranks.

7. Halloween – Eleven

Halloween and Eleven just makes sense. Not only is she spooky, but she is almost everyone’s favorite character just like Halloween is the favorite holiday of so many people. You also can’t ignore the fact that so many people dressed up as her for Halloween.

This is not all holidays or all characters so let us know: what other characters do you think match up with the holidays and why?

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