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Having Summer Fun Amidst A Full Schedule

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Summer break as a college student looks different compared to summer break in high school. Despite being on a break, it’s common for college students to work over the summer. It could be a part-time job, internship, class, or personal project. As an upperclassman, I and several other students in my year have summer internships. I have always had a part-time job over the summer while in college. So much for a break, we’ll be busy working! Even though I have worked over the summer and now that I have an internship, I am still planning on enjoying my summer. Going into the workforce means that there aren’t any specifically scheduled summer breaks like there are as a student. It is possible to balance fun with work, whether you’re a student or in the workforce. However, I am determined to enjoy the summers I have left as a student.

I am privileged enough to go on an annual summer vacation with my family. Last year we had to save up for this year, so we stayed in state and went to Virginia Beach. This year, we’re going to Paris and Madrid. I am so excited to get away and go on vacation! However, not everyone has this privilege. This is why a local and smaller vacation with the girls is another option. Saving up over the summer and planning a small getaway with friends can be a realistic goal for college students trying to have some summer fun. While I’ve never gone on vacation with friends, other than a short trip to New York with my boyfriend, it seems fun! From my brief experience, it is manageable if you save and plan. It’s definitely worth trying to get the trip out of the group chat! 

Speaking of vacations, if saving and planning doesn’t sound worth it to you, I suggest a staycation. No hotels, no transportation, no planning, no saving, no booking, and no budgeting necessary. I’ve mentioned cozy staycations a few times in previous articles, but it’s for good reason. There are so many benefits of doing a staycation. It’s easy, budget-friendly, and fun! Take time to explore your town and what it can offer. I’m lucky enough to live just a highway away from D.C., so I often go to explore. Even if you live in a smaller town, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore and act like a tourist in your town. 

What helps me get out of bed on a rougher day is having something to look forward to. Summer is the prime time for fun events like festivals, concerts, and movies. I always try to go to concerts over the summer and a few movies. At the end of summer, I’m looking forward to going to a concert with my boyfriend. Last year I saw Beyonce for my birthday. As well as the Barbie movie and the new Spiderverse movie. Having something fun like the movies or a concert to look forward to can keep you going with a fun reward at the end! Going to the movies is less of a hassle compared to a concert. Something as simple as the movies can be a simple pleasure in life. A concert takes more planning, but it’s a bigger reward for what it’s worth. Concerts can offer a fun activity to look forward to all summer. 

Going back to the basics and keeping things simple, it’s not that hard to have fun at home. Summer break can offer time for family and friends. I always do a neighborhood dinner party with my family’s close friends. My mom cooks and my dad grills a feast for our neighbors every summer. I also cherish the time I get at home with my family. Some fun things to do with family are movie nights, baking, and simply having a chat sesh. Summer break is a great time to catch up with family and simply chill out and catch up. Some more fun at home is having a self-care night. A self-care night with a good movie or music can be a great way to recharge while having fun. Personally, self-care is my go-to for refreshing and relaxing fun. 

The weather is in its prime for outdoor activities. Go on a hot girl walk or even a hike! Make it a mission to walk to a destination instead of driving. I like walking to the mall or a coffee shop and making the walk a journey to the next activity. Now that the pools are open, go to the pool or have a pool day full of swimming, tanning, music, and treats with the girls! It’s a great chance to cool down and tan while having fun. 

As college students, we work hard all school year to take a break in the summer. Even if you’re working on other tasks over the summer, whatever that may be, it’s not impossible to still have some fun in between. There’s always time to enjoy summer break! You just have to make it happen. 

Salma is a junior at VCU majoring in digital journalism and minoring in psychology. She loves iced coffee, going out with her girls, and watching old movies.