Guide to Modern Day Witchcraft

Witches have always been apart of folklore and even American history. Due to that, like me, you may have seen dozens of films or shows with them in it. But, rarely do people do research about it or try to pursue that lifestyle. However, ever since I was a child, I have been interested in the occult. I grew up in a Christian household and decided I did not necessarily agree with that lifestyle. This is when I came across a couple of Youtube videos that explained the different types of witchcraft, and that is where I decided to pursue that path. In this article, I will be discussing the different types of modern-day witchcraft. 

  1. 1. Green Witchcraft

    Green Witchcraft emphasizes earth and nature. This path is for those who want to be in tune with the environment, such as asking before you take and giving thanks to the earth. It is not necessarily a religion, but more so a lifestyle and spirituality. 

  2. 2. Kitchen Witchcraft

    This one may sound a bit silly, but it is truly an interesting concept. This route is where witches cook food as a sort of a cone of power. For instance, they cook the food, bless it and release its energy into themselves and the universe by eating it. This is observed in other religions where food is blessed, such as Koscher or Eucharist. 

  3. 3. Wiccan Witchcraft

    This is one of the biggest neo-pagan subsets. However, I would like to clarify you can be Wiccan, without practicing witchcraft (and vice-versa). Wicca is a nature-based religion founded in the 1950s by Gerald Gardener. It is loosely based on Celtic beliefs such as celebrating equinoxes and solstices. There are multiple different types of Wicca, such as Gardnerian, Alexandrian, and Dianic. In addition, there is no “holy book” for Wiccans. There are just two general rules: “an ye harm none, do what ye will” and “three time what thou givest returns to thee.”

  4. 4. Eclectic Witchcraft

    I personally follow this path as I love practicing in solidarity and making my own rules. This path is for anyone that wants the most freedom. This type of witchcraft can be any combination of what the person wants to do. For example, this person could follow bits and pieces of any of the paths above. In my honest opinion, it is my favorite because you can create your own path based on your heritage and passions. 

  5. 5. Hoodoo

    Not to be confused with voodoo, this type of witchcraft was brought to the United States by African slaves. It was created in the United States by combining Christianity with their own beliefs in order to fight back against slave masters and protect themselves. For further clarity, I would like to state that this is not a religion like Wicca, but more of spirituality. Many of those that practice Hoodoo are also Christian.

While you may not be deciding your spirituality over this post, I hope it helps educates you about witches and witchcraft. Moreover, I hope it also promotes tolerance to different lifestyles. All different cultures have different types of witchcraft and it has been around for thousands of years. I would also love to conclude this article by saying, I love how we live in an era where we can openly talk about witchcraft without any serious repercussions.