A Goodbye Letter to My Long Hair

The new year has already brought so much change. Recently, I decided to say goodbye to my long locks in exchange for a new ‘do. I have always had long hair and never thought in a million years I would cut it. However, I had a change of heart when I realized I wanted something new and chopped it to my shoulders.

My boyfriend once told me that he didn’t want me to cut my hair because it wouldn’t look good. He said he preferred long-haired girls better. I thought about it and decided not to experiment in fear of looking weird. I actually never even thought myself that short hair could ever look good on me. I didn’t think I had the right head shape for it. After researching so many Pinterest haircuts and flipping through magazines, I found the perfect haircut. It was a picture of Cara Delevingne with short, wavy tousled hair. It’s everything I always thought in my mind for a haircut for me. She's also pretty cool because she's such a care-free woman. In a way, I could relate a little since I was making a care-free decision. 

I showed the hair stylist the picture and he worked his magic. I was so scared but he really made me comfortable and explained the whole process.

After seeing the outcome, I was so happy. I didn’t even tell anyone I did it. I didn’t want anyone’s opinion anymore because it didn’t really matter. I love how my hair looks now, and I feel like I’ve grown in a different self-happy place. It’s always good to do something spontaneous every once in a while.

I got home, showed my friends and they loved it. They told me that I looked very different, but a good different. They said it made me look older, which is a plus because I look so young. I could also tell that my hair was definitely healthier than it had ever been before. I usually would only get a haircut maybe once a year, but after seeing these results I may make it a priority. My boyfriend had no clue I was cutting my hair at all. I didn't feel like telling him because I didn't want him to convince me otherwise like before. When I FaceTimed him, he was so excited and told me he loved my new hair. He said he couldn't wait to meet "short-haired Jasmine" because she looked different. I haven't seen him since I have gotten my haircut, but he is more eager than ever to see me.

Now that the deed is done, I look forward to waking up every day with short hair. I'm horrible at doing my hair, so I feel like short hair on me is a look in itself. All I have to do is straighten the top of it and I'm done! It's much easier to comb through and has cut a lot of time on my morning routine. I will probably keep this short hair for a while now just because I've never had anything like it before. Life is honestly easier with shorter hair, although I will miss my tresses dearly. 

So, goodbye to my long hair for now, goodbye to overthinking and goodbye to caring about what other people think.


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