Glossier Has Released a Brand New Line... And It's Awesome

Glossier has done it again. This time with a release of a whole new line of products, entitled Glossier Play.

Glossier describes the line as "dialed up beauty extras."

The "playfulness" in the name comes in with the fact that the line consists of bright, special occasion color cosmetics.

The brand teased consumers on social media for about a week with new, vibrant "G" logos and interesting videos, piquing many people's curiosity until they almost couldn't take it anymore.

Glossier has been known in the past for their no-makeup makeup and focus on skin care as opposed to cosmetics, so Play is quite a different route for the company to take.

The line consists of four new products, including Colorslide, a gel-based eyeliner pencil; Niteshine, a liquid highlighter; Glitter Gelee, a blendable glitter gel for the face and Vinylic Lip, a super glossy lipstick in a click pen. 

This is the first expansion the Glossier company has had since its founding in 2014.

The new collection also features two tools, Blade, an eyeliner sharpener and The Detailer, an applicator for the Glitter Gelee. 

Customers can also buy "The Playground," which features all four products in customizable shades for $60.

The name "Play" also goes with the long-lasting qualities of the line, as they are supposed to stay on no matter how hard you play.

The eyeliner comes in 14 shades ranging from bright pink to a wearable blue. The highlighter comes in two shades, and the Glitter Gelee comes in four, including copper, gold, silver and holographic glitter. The lip lacquer comes in six shades, ranging from plum (Bank) to bright red (Baby).

Glossier's new venture sure has gotten a lot of attention, but will it ever match the explosive popularity of its Mother Brand? Probably not. But who knows? The cosmetics world is full of surprises.

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