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Finishing Finals and Ending the Semester

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The big winter break is fast approaching. Before we can officially jump into the holiday season, every college student has to currently face finals. The end of this first semester is here. It is time to finish this first one strong. I do not mean to finish strong by cramming for finals, but rather put your best foot forward and fully enjoy the end of the first semester. Get those grades that you will leave satisfied with. Get ready for an even better next semester. Go hang out with friends before going back home. Get ready to be home for longer than a week. In the best way, there is so much to look forward to before the break.

The main thing on every college student’s mind before the break is finals. Of course, this is arguably top of the priority list on things to get done before the break. Finals do not always have to be the most stressful few weeks of the semester. While I am no expert on college finals, I can say that being overly anxious can only ever worsen a situation. Changing perspective is what is getting me through my finals.

Instead of viewing finals as this huge leap I just have to take, I am looking it as a summary of my classes. I know that is very obvious, but just stating that to yourself to remind yourself that finals are not as daunting as they seem can really help to recenter. Go to the library, student commons, study rooms, outdoors, your dorm or anywhere to study. Do not cram, but put your best foot forward. Finish finals strong enough that you leave with satisfaction, grades aside.

On the topic of school, get ready for next semester. Obviously, be sure to register for classes. Meet with your advisor—all the usual. A great way to find the best professor is Rate My Professor. I use it to look at reviews from past classmates on professors. Look into scholarships. There is more out there than you would think.

I have used bold.org since high school; it is a great general spot for quick little scholarships. Even look into extracurriculars for next semester. There were a few on-campus clubs and activities that I looked over this semester that are on my list for next semester. Again, there is so much more out there than you would think.

Finally, enjoy this time before going home for around a month. Take some time in between finals to appreciate campus before going back home. Study in your spot before going home for break. My personal favorite is a corner in the library. Walk around and explore campus and the area. Go out if you have the time one more weekend. Hang out with the new friends before going home to the old friends. Don’t get too caught up on finals and miss everything else that campus has to offer. Then, be ready to go home for almost a month.

Salma is a freshman at VCU. She is currently undecided, but considering majoring in journalism. She loves iced coffee and a comforting gilmore girls marathon.
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