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Finally Spring! 5 Great Spring Outfits.

The weather has been so crazy recently, I don’t even know how to dress anymore! If you are feeling a bit lost like me, try out these outfit combinations for some spring inspiration! 

Jean Jacket + Dress + Sandals + Big sunnies = Chick 

Eyelett fit and flair Dress + Sandals + Matching belt = Simple and adorable


High Low Skirt + Converse + Gold cuff necklace + Ombre = Hip

Striped 3/4 sleeved dress + Aviators + Sandals = Classy

Boots + Slit skirt + Layered button up + Belt = Bohemian

Hi! My names is Sidney, and I am a Freshman at VCU. I love fashion and design and I hope to be a Graphic Designer. My hobbies include blogging, running, art, reading and movie watching.
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