The Emergence of Brent Faiyaz

If you're looking for an artist that makes you feel like you're sinking into a pool of early 00’s nostalgia, indulge yourself in Brent Faiyaz (Christopher Brent Wood). He is an artist that has subtly shaped modern R&B and carries you with his music. His range in the genre has rejuvenated the term R&B and incorporated modern and old R&B with an alternative twist. He emerged after his collaboration with the DMV artists Shy Glizzy and Goldlink with the Grammy-nominated song “Crew. The majority of the population associated him with that song until Jan. 2020, when he came out with his album “F the World." This project enhanced his career and helped the world recognize his talent in the music industry. But what many people continue to do is follow the mainstream surface level options rather than digging deeper into what he has to offer as an artist. 

A project that has helped me not only get through the last few years but has also been underlooked as an album altogether is "Sonder Son" by Brent Faiyaz. This album makes you feel grounded and is best to listen to when you’re driving with no destination from sunset to night. The nostalgic feel of him pulling you into his stories and experiences with his lyrics provides an early 00’s aura that carries the whole album. A lot of people resonate with this album after listening to it a few times and giving it the opportunity to grow on them emotionally. What people sometimes don’t realize is music is a social aspect of our life, and our brain helps us enjoy a song when we feel that it is socially acceptable. Music is also a tool used to stimulate our emotions and relate them to experiences that can create an emotional response. Brent has created an outlet that is becoming very popular where R&B isn’t just one set of beats or melodies that are rearranged. He has created a mixture of instruments, harmonies and melodies that have the power to be addicting and mesmerizing. 

dark purple hues with microphone and drumset on the lower right Photo by Vidsplay from StockSnap

Not only is Brent’s music something that embodies inspiration, but as well as his experiences as a person. Brent was raised in Columbia, MD, and was in an environment that discouraged his dreams of becoming an artist. His love for music pushed down any boundaries that prevented him from reaching his goals. He has made it evident through his music and life that he will never forget about his roots and the experiences that led him to where he is today. Everyone has a musician they feel resonates with them on an emotional level, and I wanted to share the person who has done that for me. Understanding Brent as an artist as well as a person helps a person create a deeper connection to his music. Seeing the surface level of any artist is the equivalent of how we use social media. Learning to dig deeper into artists the same way we meet people through social media creates a different perspective on life. 

Brent’s new song “Gravity” featuring Tyler the Creator was recently released and is a song that makes you feel out of body and out of mind. If you love R&B as much as I do, take the time to listen, it’ll be worth it.