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When I imagined going to college, I thought living in a dorm would be fun. I imagined my roommate and I doing everything together and hanging out with all the girls on my floor but in reality, it’s nothing like movies made it out to be. The movies seem to have forgotten how obnoxious your neighbors can be. While the girls on my floor are awesome, the boys above me are not.

Dear boys who live above me,

I’m shocked that three months into this semester we are still having this argument. I’m also surprisingly shocked that 18-year-old boys haven’t learned how to be respectful neighbors. So here are some pointers from the caring girl below you. For starters, blasting your bass-heavy rap music so loud that I am developing hearing damage at a young age is not cool. Secondly, hosting a Tuesday night party on your floor with said music blasting is definitely not cool. Are you waiting for me to come up there and tell you how great your taste in music is? (Which, by the way, IT ISN’T.)

Your “Netflix and Chill” game must be super strong because I’ve heard the same loud movie playing on full volume practically every night this semester. Additionally, I commend your effort to try to sleep with every single female in the building. However, if you must insist on this, please keep it down. Once again, no, I do not want to come upstairs to “watch a movie” with you.

Lastly, I’m so sorry that you did not make the VCU soccer, basketball or tennis team. This notion does not constitute you forming teams and playing such sports all day long upstairs. I’m always available to escort you outside to Monroe Park or Cary St. Gym. Cleats, basketballs and rackets were not on the list of “items you might need in your dorm room” but they have certainly made it on to the “how to annoy the girl below you” list.

As we approach finals week, I hope that we can cooperate more on these issues. Just don’t forget, I know where you live.

Much love,

The girl below you

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