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Daryll Morgan, Photographer and Advocate for Female Empowerment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Daryll Morgan is a gifted photographer with a love for comics and a strong appreciation for women. His project is about empowering women in the comic book industry: artists, readers and the characters. Women are beautiful, and they are powerful. And yet so often they are torn down and told they’re not worthy. He believes otherwise. Check out his newest photography project called “emPOWERED WOMEN!”


Age: 21

Year: Senior

Hometown: Mechanicsville

Major: Small business and a certificate in product innovation

What prompted you to start this project?

It’s a pretty important movement that I wanted to share through one of my passions which are comic books. Art has always has a message and if it’s strong enough it can be a very impactful and positive one.

How did you connect women in real life with women in the comic book world?

Well, since it was the month of Halloween costumes and I saw a lot of women being creative in their super hero costumes. I then began to think about how women in comic books are not treated fairly. Women are often over sexualized. And also there’s not a lot of women in the industry. There are women superheroes and everyday women can be super heroes in their own way, so I wanted to showcase that.

Who is your favorite comic book super hero?

Well, my favorite American comic book is Spiderman.

Who’s your favorite female comic book super heroine?

Black Cat from Spiderman. She has a really powerful story and she’s powerful.

How can the comic book industry work to improve the image of women in their stories?

They can become more educated. They should work to show that women should be treated equally and then the new generation of readers, many who are young girls, will get into the industry and help to impact positive change. You also have a lot of men writers who believe in women empowerment. The comic book audience has changed and so the stories made need to adapt to that.

How did you choose the women who were the subjects of your photography project?

I know a lot of women from my friend circles who are empowered. They show it in the way they carry themselves and the issues they are advocates for. Many of my friends are advocates for breast cancer awareness, which is the advocacy portion of the program. Women from my classes, cosplay and all peers. There are empowered women everywhere and I’m honored to showcase them.

How long have you been doing photography?

I’ve been doing photography since the spring of my freshman year, so about two and a half years. Ever since I was little I loved taking pictures. I had a Pokemon polaroid and I loved taking photos.

Would you call yourself a feminist?

Although it has a negative connotation, in the truest definition of the word I am an advocate for human equality and so yes, I would say so.

Any new projects coming up?

I’m actually starting a Kickstarter and trying to take it on the road. Me and my assistant Zack are in the pursuit of empowering women. We’ll be meeting people and talking to them about women empowerment just to show that it is a global movement. I’m going to be making a short video blog about it. Check out the Kickstarter link here.


Keep up with Daryll’s photography and his upcoming projects at Daryll Morgan photography and like his Facebook page here. 

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