Cyber Monday: Do's and Don'ts

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With Cyber Monday approaching, many of us are looking for good deals, especially to buy presents for the holiday season. You may even be looking to expand your wardrobe or decorate your dorm or apartment. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts of Cyber Monday.

  1. 1. Do: Make a Plan of What You’re Going to Buy

    All of the deals may be overwhelming to you and tempt you to buy on impulse. However, this is a prime time to buy gifts especially if you have a big family. My advice is to write down all the people you have to buy gifts for and some ideas about what they would want. Also, create a budget. It can be very helpful as you explore all the deals. Grabbing a few items for yourself won't hurt if you leave yourself some cushion room.

  2. 2. Don't: Overpay For Shipping

    Many of you may be astounded by an amazing deal, only to be stuck with outrageous shipping costs at checkout. However, this can be avoided by finding a coupon on sites like RetailMeNot or Honey. You may even be able to do in-store pick up so you can skip the shipping altogether and get your purchases even quicker.

  3. 3. Do: Know The Return And Exchange Options

    Everyone gets gifts they do not like in their lifetime, and your present might be one of them. So, it is a smart idea to make sure your gift recipient has the option to return or exchange it for something that they would like better. If you are buying something for yourself, make sure you can return it or exchange it if the item does not meet your expectations.

  4. 4. Don’t: Spend More Than You Can Afford

    As I stated earlier, it is a really good idea to create a budget especially if you are buying your items with a credit card to get those cashback rewards. You do not want to be in debt all holiday season over some gifts. After all, gifts are supposed to come from the heart.

  5. 5. Do: Make Sure The Website You Are Shopping at is Secure

    With Cyber Monday being a highly marketed event, it is no surprise that some people create fake websites to steal credit or debit card information. It can even go farther than that as some people will even create pop-up ads and fake emails to lure others into clicking them.

  6. 6. Don’t: Fall For False Benchmarking

    False benchmarking is when businesses say something is marked down, but it was never sold for full retail price. You can avoid this by checking prices before the sales and by doing a simple Google search for said product.

Remember Cyber Monday is supposed to be fun! If you are anything like me, shopping helps you relieve stress. However, I suggest not going too crazy with your shopping. Whether you are getting something for your friends, family or yourself, make sure you are being responsible and safe. With these tips, I guarantee that you will be able to have fun while being smart.